Superbooth 21

Nymphes is a good name.

Get n relation to that comment, I don’t think the new Abyss will be out at Superbooth. I believe that was just spun off of that video of the tour of dreadbox headquarters. He pulled out a cover panel of a new Abyss, and mentioned something about development, but that was it.

Later in the video he says some older synths, like the NYX will have to be discontinued due to chip shortages, so I wonder if that’s what happened to the new Abyss development, causing them to focus on the Nymphes.

Awesome, inside scoop!!!

I’ve started a new thread for further discussion of the Elekrron Syntakt trademark:

Elektron didn’t sign up for Superbooth, and it seems they don’t have a Berlin office anymore, so the Elektron Syntakt discussion is on-topic elsewhere, but not here.


There has been a recent announcement for a poly by Dreadbox. Maybe they will demo it on superbooth.

Anyone know how that compares to a bastl midi looper ? I Think that only has 3 tracks in parallel, right ? No idea about the rest though.

Scroll up 5 posts from yours. They definitely will be demoing Nymphes :slight_smile:


Stay alive, then you can play with it.


Zekit from Fred’s Lab

New product.

Inexpensive battery operated, 4 voice paraphonic, hybrid., that also has an audio in, and MIDI. It will be 179€ (w/VAT) assembled and less for the kit.

Looks like this is open source with an explanation guide to the synth, so this might be a reasonably priced learning opportunity.

Previous products from Fred’s Lab include Buzzzy and Töörö.

More detail:


So there is a whole thread that is devoted to speculation on the Waldorf Red Button tease.

And i mentioned up thread here about the deep sale going on, with Waldorf Eurorack products.

And now an extra deep sale of the Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V plugin software, talked about in the SW Deals thread.

I’m not sure we can pull this all together into a solid prediction on this new product, but Waldorf will do that for us in very short order.


My loose speculation on what to expect:

Something in the same form factor and price range as the Waldorf STVC, and the Blofeld Keyboard, ( or even KB37, that would be crazy good, imo ) with solid historic features and sounds in the heritage of the great Waldorf wavetable synths.

This will work to siphon away potential buyers of a relatively more crude Behringer PPG Wave clone, still a ways off from production.

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Some more RK008, looks quite cool. They say it will be at superbooth at the end.


super excited for the RK-008. Bastl Midi Looper is probably my favorite piece of gear from the last year or so, and I’d kill for a more fleshed out implementation.

One thing the Midi Looper excels at is being to catch a loop in “free running” mode, and deriving a clock from that - outstanding for improvisation, and it’s pretty good at picking the tempo you’d expect. This one seems more standard, having you choose tempo/time before hand, but aside from that, seems to be a real whack at a fully fleshed out non-quantized MIDI recorder, and I will be getting ahold of one the instant I can.


I am digging it.

I wish TE would have built the Pocket Operators as robust as the RK008 looks.


Yeah I am curious if it could possibly go even deeper with what it records, like if it records pattern changes then you could more or less preform a groove box and record knob tweaks and pattern changes, or another cool feature could be if you can launch recorded midi clips via a different sequencer. Retro Kits stuff has a pretty strong history of having really deep feature sets that are customizable but maybe I am hoping for a bit too much.

New expansion card for the Prophet-5




I really hope they support MPE inputs. Right now the MidiRex is literally the only hardware option, and it would be nice to have something a bit more polished and powerful.

Ok color me intrigued by the RK-008. Maybe I’ll be “an operator with my pocket calculator” too


A couple of observations on the design of the RK008.

It looks like they are using a dead front display. This is an inexpensive and stylish way to give the impression of a full matrix graphic panel. These should get more use in product design.

The calculator buttons are a good interface, where you will learn repeated one finger operations and get pretty proficient after a while, eventually using them without even looking.

Who wants to start the thread for this ?

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f&%* … I haven’t expected I will need P5 as well : )
bi-tembrality is a killer update


Done. Been thinking about that every time someone talks about it.

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Just got this email from UDO: