Superbooth 19


Apart from some continuing wonky preset jitter, I’ve never had any major issues with the Dominion Club, though I’ve not yet updated to the latest firmware.


My setups must be getting close to being finished, there wasn’t much on show this year that made me want to buy stuff? Minilogue xd module and that tekt box were the only highlights for me. That mechanical synth looked cool though!

Everyone’s doing modular… Its not for me, I know myself too well :zonked:


Dunno if these have been brought up yet, but here’s some stuff that caught my attention.

Shakmat Modular - they have a 4x4 preset manager thing, 4 CV outs which can be stored and they can also be cycled, or be clocks and LFO. Looks neat! I asked them about select bus integration and they said it could be a potential possibility. Also they have a new quad channel panner, old school Buchla style, with in built LFOs for moving the signals across the four outputs. I don’t think there’s any (easy) Eurorack quad panners out there with such features, might be of interest to many :slight_smile:

For the DIYers, the guys from Bela have a PCB that can mount on to the Bela board, Eurorack format, 2 audio ins, 2 audio outs, many CV inputs with on board attenuators, could be a great little platform for people who’re into Eurorack, DIY and Pure Data.

Of course, loved the new Make Noise stuff and their push towards a stereo, the new microsound skiff also looks super nice.


Sounds serious.


Yeah it’s a strange world where someone can announce about an 8 voice analog poly for like 1k and you’re like eh. The tekt box is cool and the make noise microsound system also sounds cool. Theres a lot of cool stuff in euro land, but as of today theres 894 oscillator and 580 VCA modules on modulargrid and it all seems a bit eh to me again.


Definitely one area where I think we don’t see too much innovation is in user interfaces, I’m kind of bored of a lot of the new stuff coming out with a few exceptions.


My favorite UI recently is the 4ms Spherical Wavetable Navigator. Just a joy!

What type of innovation are you looking for in a UI? Do you feel the analog/hardware realm is complacent or the digital/graphical UI realm is complacent?


The SOMA Pulsar-23 looks like an amazing interface. So many options connecting possibilities. SOMA is definitely on the cutting edge.


yeah I also wonder how much of it is unique/novel vs built on behringer/cool audio chips. They get a lot of angst everywhere but im willing to bet its: a lot.


Yea that machine is nice and crazy! I like the stylized metal buttons at the bottom.

Wasn’t SOMA also the one that also released that wind pipe thing with the contact microphone?


Yes !!! That thing is bananas!!! Sounds incredible as well.


I was really surprised when the sound of that pipe took off, reminded me of some epic war horn from Lord of the Rings.


Absolutely. A sound designers dream!!! I’m quite tempted to buy the SOMA Pipe. I can spend days coming up with wicked out sound scapes, don’t know take it on stage though. :joy:


I’m gonna need to look these up!


You mean this:

There’s plenty of odds and ends left. Gaz for instance has a few videos of wierd stuff that no one else seems to find interesting.

At least he doesn’t steal any synths this year.


He ran off with a 909


Here’s another thing Gaz found – from a company callled Future Artist. It’s a midi processor with 3 midi ins and 4 midi outs plus a USB host connection, and eight dials. You of course can set up various sorts of algorithms to process and filter the midi, and affect the midi out with the dials. It’s not done yet, but the maker says he’ll finish it next year.


Vermona - Melodicer (Prototype)

Gaz has another one (see what i mean – he finds the unusual stuff). The Melodicer is a Eurorack unit that lets you set probabilities for notes, and such in a sequence. There are others like this, but if you’re looking for this sort of thing, this is worth a look.

Skip ahead to 2:50 (unless you want to know about the origin of the name Vermona).


Good video demonstrating the Worng SoundStage Stereo Spectral Mixer.

I couldn’t really fully understand how useful this thing is from the description. But listening, it’s great the way you can balance out a mix just by plugging various parts in. Makes a lot of sense with multiple parts so they don’t crowd each other in the mix. Lots of inputs allowed, 21 total.


How are these guys going to copy Make Noise design style? That’s a head scratcher!!