Superbooth 19


The Pipe is a great fx box as is, I think I’ve used it more without my voice but there is a serious new dimension to discover, the extra mics are essential too if you want to get serious about designing. OT and Pipe equals bliss.


yeah but much lamer looking. and honestly, I don’t think that’s a style I’d try and copy. it’s pretty polarizing. lots of people won’t buy MN modules because they can’t stand the look. or they’ll buy Greyscale aftermarket face plates for their MN modules.


Yea I’m very intrigued with this instrument. Not only does it make crazy fantastic sounds, it also looks fun to use.


Who are you talking about?

Personal tastes aside, copying another company’s design style can be dangerous - depending on the caliber of lawyer(s) you can get on your side.


Yea it looks like a lame Make Noise bootleg. Good luck to Worng electronics but please be a little more original with your design.


Worng electronics 3D mixer looks an awful lot like a Make Noise module.


Ah, took a look at their site and just about everything has that look.

I had a friend who went for a law degree and studied a well-known copyright lawsuit or two as part of his training. Tricky business.


I can understand a company trying to recreate a look from a long lost synth but to try and copy a current competitors look is just disgusting.


Looper and granular processor modules


I dig the steampunk this brand is rockin.


Yeah, I like the look of the Instruo stuff too… I’m also trying to place Jason’s accent. I’m thinking it’ll be somewhere weird, like Biggar. Definitely the eastern half of Scotchland where they’re happy to abuse a fish’n’chips with a blasphemous salt’n’sauce combo.


Aren’t they based in Glasgow? Or are there like 50-some accents in the greater Glasgow area alone?


I think they are but it’s not your usual Glaswegian accent…


Sonic Talk Super Booth Aftershow Debriefing - if you got an hour and a half to spend.


Need my local to get an Arbahr in so I can do a Morphagene/Arbahr shootout. That looks great. I’m looking to set up a rack for MD indiout and tape mangling/fx


Instruō – Arbhar and Lúbadh

These two new modules from Instruō got a small mention (from GovernorSilver) and i think they both deserve to be fully on the map. Here are two videos from DivKid – who does a good job of giving space to the new Eurorack at SB19.

The Arbhar is a granular synth with lots of nice features.

The Lúbadh is a dual tape looper


I’ve done a really good job of basically living my life as if euro doesn’t exist, mostly for my own sanity. But that tape looper is seriously calling me to the dark side :aw:


That ATX keyboard (Atmultitron?) looks amazing.


Specialwaves – Mine S

Customizable MIDI controller.
Can configure in Pots, Sliders, Encoders (with circle LEDs), pressure sensitive Pads, and Switches.

They were at SB19, and just now have complete funding through Indiegogo, with 18 days left to join. Delivery is scheduled for November.

Gearnews article
Indiegogo page


Haha dude me too I keep my eyes and ears closed when it comes to modular, lalalalalala if I can’t see it I can’t want it.