Superbooth 19


Instruo wants a word…:yum:


I’m getting back into euro \ :)/

I can’t afford it \ :)/


Still no sign of soulsby stuff , only a few images of lsdj/ gameboy type thing , no behringer surprise,

That mechanical synth looked fine though I’m very cautious of it having moving parts / longevity… weird that it uses drone motors to make waveforms and the method of doing lfo is nice ( maybe you could draw your own lfo ).

Nothing from Roland.


The MFB SYNTH 8 – good find cold_fashioned! And they held it a secret 'til the last day.

Wow 8 voice analog with 3 VCOs per voice, 100 patch store memory and a great price!

More at GearNews.


Only in echo – from Din-Sync, Superlative, Behringer, …


Looking forward to it!


Interesting that it’s based on the MFB Synth II rather than being a variation on the Dominion as such.


So whats your best of Show? For me it was the Moog Matriarch and the most interesting new concept the Flame Mäander.


Enjoy Labs - REmindER

Combination of echo, delay, filter and reverb in stereo in a rugged large control box. Looks easy to use , with a well consider design and ui.

One minute demo.

More description.


Love the wood panels on that, very classy


Yes. The other one with the wood sides that looked great was the Wing Pinger. That one probably get my nomination for best name too.

ADDED: The other thing in design on the REmindER was the Yellow LEDs behind the controls and in the wood along the side.


Speak of the Devil… A shipment arrived early…


sick :slight_smile:


This sounds fantastic!! Hopefully they change thr color to non glossy :face_with_monocle:


So as of now the doors have closed on Superbooth 2019. But there’s plenty of time here to consider all that happened there this year.

As a part of the show there’s all the stuff that occurs out front and in the public. But also there’s a part that’s behind the scenes, all the business deals and agreements and contacts made that adds to the future of the electronic music business.


That’s what I was thinking but I doubt they will. Looks like it’ll get scratched easily.

Oh well, still on my list, under $1,000 is insane.


i’m a little cautious , the more complicated things get , the more multiple firmware revisions are usually needed. as far as i know the club still has issues and its been out ages.
but its got quite a while before it comes out and he’s got lots of experience.


ooo love the oberheim 2 voice but I’m a bit confused is this guy making clones of them? It kinda just looks like he brought one to the show because it looks straight up exactly like a vintage oberheim 2 voice.




All in all it was a good one, lots of good stuff this year!