Superbooth 19


That wouldn’t work, because the main functionality of the Overbridge VST itself is the GUI for controlling the Elektron devices. The multichannel functionality itself is located in the driver and that one will not run on ELK.


Always so practical tnussb.

This approach from MML seems to take plenty of work and cooperation from the VST makers so far. Perhaps that’s why it has been taking a little longer than expected to roll out variations. Plus putting the mechanicals of the UI together take time.

Overbridge certainly has been a nightmare for Elektron so far to get it to run on all sorts of PC and Mac hardware and OSes with all sorts of DAWs. So to some extent a controlled environment for them to port to would be of advantage.

ADDED: It was smart of MML to get Steinberg (the VST originator) involved in doing a system. They can probably improve the whole process of getting VST to work in this environment.


Nero Desktop Monitor Controller from Audient

Not sure where they are located at Superbooth.


The Novation Summit has a demo :

And the product page on thomann is live :


Holy shit it’s what I wished the Peak was.


Well it is just two Peaks, so it’s not going to sound any different. The keyboard and splits is really rad though, I want one baaaad even already owning a Peak.


Well that sounds great.


I sold my Peak to redo my setup from scratch. I wanted it to have multitimbrality and a keyboard for the price… Peak is my favorite poly alongside the OB-6 and possibly the Kijimi (based on demos, never seen one in person).

I had a Rev 2 16 voice at the same time as the Peak and the Rev 2’s sounds just didn’t stack up.


Gotcha, yeah Peak is amazing but I thought it was extremely good value for the price even without the keys. I do always wish it was multitimbral though so I completely feel you! I’m guessing that the Summit is going to be quite a bit more. I think the leaked ad said something over 2K euro, but who knows if that’s official and I want to know the USD price. I will say that I think the keyboard version is less attractive than the Peak module to my eyes. Something about the way the sections of the Peak are cordoned off by lines, and the total lack of wasted space just give it that visual edge. I’ll be keeping the Peak to have 24 voices in total, and three-part multitimbrality.


Well, if SFX mode was introduced to the Peak that’d be a different story. The build quality was better than the OB-6 and Rev 2 as well in my opinion. If I had the Summit instead, which is basically the Peak in 16 voice Rev 2 version, I’d never sell it.

Currently though since I went modular and can record my own wavetables and a few other tricks, I don’t think I’ll be getting the Summit unless I win the lottery. Probably opt for the Moog Matriarch when the time comes.

Absolutely love the Summit though.


I’d buy an Aalto or Kaivo box. Those Madrona Labs synths sound amazing to me. Very CPU intensive, I’d never use them live in a laptop rig, but if they were stable in a box like this…


Really interesting concept… would be nice to see desktop unit with a set of in’s and out’s along with some physical pots/sliders. Also, a wee LCD screen so that you can load patches. Then if there was a desktop app that you use to pick a VST to load to it (and pre-map the pots/sliders on the hardware device) sort of like the Plug-out idea then I’d be all over it like a sheep eating turnip.

I would prefer things that are a little more esoteric or that aren’t so readily available in a hardware format already. So, the PortaFM from Plogue and their forthcoming ChipSynths would be cool. Weirdly, I would love it if there was a way you could get Reaktor and it’s ensembles available… Rounds, Carbon, Prism, OKI Computer.


This kind of instrument is exactly what I hope to see more often, if new synths are announced.

The irony is that this approach is quite classic … in a particular way. In the early days of Don Buchla, Serge, and Bob Moog electronic instruments were developed to be experimental, to try new sonic territory, to inspire artists with concepts unknown before, to open up and show new ways to interact with an instrument. Today too many new synths are somehow a copy or re-imagination of one of the admired synth ancestors. That’s not a bad thing, sure, but it’s not getting us to new places.

Pittsburgh rediscovered this “classic trail” … great work and great sounding synth too. I couldn’t resist to bite the bullet after this interview … the blame is on you DivKid :smiley: :+1: well and on Pittsburgh too.


If this was 16 way multi timbral I’d be interested but 2 way is not enough.


well the X-Pan is of course stereo and obviously they want to show that off. the QPas is as well, and that’s still pretty new. that’s not to say this other new one isn’t though!

edit: it is indeed stereo. no details yet though…


Hah the minilogue XD just became much more interesting at least for me :


And it has polychain!


Why does everyone bob and nod their head when playing in the video? Its like a chicken factory :joy:


Its the new version of echophon. Has the same symbols however I think people have said it might have some type of comb filter too? Anyway I’d be glad to get rid of echophon its the systems weakest link now


yeah kinda looks that way. no pitch shifting it looks like. still waiting on further details…

the Ecophon does offer a lot with that pitch shifting ability (including use as an oscillator), so I’m not sure I’m ready to drop it. but we’ll see.