Superbooth 19


That’s how much fun it is lool
All these synth videos are just the worst … None beats the microfreak one though … yet! hhh


Deluge has competition .
1300 euro , a bit more though.


hdmi out?


It is Raspberry Pi based. This is very much like a monome norns or a the organelle. A custom linux based audio environment based on open source, in this case orac, but you could probably flash norns to it with very little effort. I am so excited for this new wave of embedded computing platforms.


I’m not a 303/acid guy, but for a tiny plastic box, this thing sounds nasty.




I am don’t mean to be a downer but that is absolutely ridiculous…


I wonder how much and when it will be released? I need a decent 101 that is not behringer plus the 2-track CV/Gate sequencer is a nice plus.


Polyend is euroracking apparently


I’m quite surprised they havent announced it yet. Personally, I’d be interested up to about £700 or so… my fear is that they may try and pitch over a grand, and that’s way too much for a 101, rechargeable or not.


I have to say, this is disappointing… wheres the bananas? :unamused:


IMO, they ruined it … :stuck_out_tongue:


Just saw this video from Superbooth, sounds spot on!


oh no… will watch

EDIT have watched, does sound great. So now we wait on the price…


Korg has a new little solder-less DIY synth kit which uses a digital multi-engine oscillator like the ones on the Minilogue XD and Prologue. Started new thread for it.


Alright Sonic state videos started popping in YouTube


Udo synth sounds nice.


This looks great. And it seems that the audio i/o can be extended according to this

I wonder if that means a standard class compliant audio interface can be hooked up?

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this.


UDO sounds great!


This looks and sounds great, and I really like the design philosophy . I’m interested, not sure I’ll be able to stump up the £2k for one though…