Superbooth 19


Gee, for that price, it’s only for the hardcore.


It’s just been confirmed in a promotional email from Elektron.


I said “see if there’s more interesting Superbooth news/discussion than the CS-80 clone or the Digitone Keys”

That means I’m looking for news on anything other than the Digitone Keys - which has two threads of its own already


Lol my bad that part of the information failed to register.




VST Plugins in Hardware (without a computer)

This has been promised for a while with the ELK MusicOS – and they’re showing a few prototypes now at Superbooth.

For instance:
This is the Steinberg Retrologue Hardware

Mind Music Labs (the maker of ELK MusicOS) showed this at NAMM:
Propellerhead Rack Extensions Hardware – I think this is now at Superbooth too.

There are other VSTs being put into hardware too. You can see more at MMLs page for SB19:

You can see the Steinberg MML Retrologue at the Yamaha booth H310
MIND Music Labs is at booth (O504)

What VST would you love to see in Hardware ?


Moog Filtatron (iOS app)


This one is still looking very interesting to me. And while it is a bit pricey, the Kickstarter price of $1249 is in line with the Lifeforms 201 System they did a few years back, and comparable to other whole systems in the eurorack world. I have been watching their teaser vids and digging the sounds. The aesthetics of this one is a bit more pleasing, and overall feels a bit more like a complete system compared to the Lifeforms system as well. Very cool.


The $1249 price of the Voltage Lab for Kickstarter backers is reasonable, imo.

I have no experience w/ Pittsburgh Modular products myself. I know a local muso who seems satisfied w/ his Pitt. Modular gear. OTOH, the comments here about quality control issues are a bit worrisome.

It’ll be on my radar for some time, at any rate.


Yeah the VRL has an awful lot in the one box. The other thing from PM to compare it to is the Microvolt 3900.


When i saw those i looked at the PM site, they have a one year warranty.


Definitely. I have a Microvolt 3900, and it is an amazing synth. This VRL is taking it to the next level.


I’m going to ask Pitt. Modular user buddy some things… The QC issues are only truly serious if the warranty isn’t being honored or something.


I’m starting a new topic for this beaut.


I think a new topic for the Novation Summit is a given too – but Novation is still crickets on it.


in addition to their new X-Pan, looks like Make Noise has something else up their sleeves for this Superbooth:


I’m getting that X-Pan thanks to this thread. Stop it!


Damn! Count me out for the Keys. Summit it is!


They said they have full stereo at their booth, so i guess another stereo module? Take my empty pockets and make noise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That new analog multifx looks DELICIOUS!

also excited to see those VSTi and RE plugouts. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have my Kontakt player hardware box after all :diddly:

Kontakt is the only VSTi I’d love to have as a hardware instrument (with support for large SSD)


Crazy idea here – what about Overbridge ? As an Elektron mixer ? IDK – it is crazy!