Superbooth 19


Why would Thomann fake this? @soundxplorer


I didn’t know it came from their site. Anyone can Photoshop their logo on it.


there was much shouting of FAKE when the model:samples images leaked




That’s bc nobody could believe such a gasp after all the hype that was built up before m:s was announced.


Lots of people have confirmed that Thomann had it up. I saw it myself as well.


Omg this that a second elektron box for kids leaked :joy:


I saw it too in another thread that was delete by mods.
Thomann have now taken it down…


i cant imagine that thomann prank nerds :smiley:


If that’s true, ugly design confirmed. Big disappointment design from elektron.
Anyway, I think is strange, because it seems a little angle from right side, that not seemed look like side left… maybe a cause of perspective, but… strange image anyway.


looks like a plastic box for me ^^


To me it looks like bought sides are curved down from the back to front. Like the whole thing has a slope…
But yes , if that’s so, than the left front corner is to high for this perspective…


Endorphines have some new Modules on the Superbooth they annouced a Sequencer some Minutes ago:


Those posts ended up merged into the Elektron ‘dreamless’ News thread

The link was genuine and live at time of checking earlier on fwiw - it’s not a photoshop stitchup in terms of where the image was hosted


This is very interesting


Its strange how much more attractive it looks in white. The UNO synth looks a lot more tacky.




I’ll check back in an hour to see if there’s more interesting Superbooth news/discussion than the CS-80 clone or the Digitone Keys. :rofl:


The Pittsburgh Voltage Research Laboratory looks really nice and useful.

from DivKid

$1599 for the full thing, less for Kickstarter backers.


Gee, for that price, it’s only for the hardcore.