Superbooth 19


I’m talking about the 96 sliders and 8 buttons eating up the left third of the control panel. Presets are fine, I just don’t need them physically manifested on the control panel


Yeah I wanted to perform on the Circuit, but didn’t have time to prepare. It’ll be OP-Z :heart:


Cuckoo, you gonna head over to H505 and check out the new Nanoloop handheld?


Have fun at Superbooth Cuckoo!

I’m sure we’ll see a video or two from you too and that will be fun too.


A synth for subharmonics called the Nadir, please


Looking forward to your appearance. One of the better reviewers.


One thing that’s interesting is that they’ve revealed the controls that were usually hidden under a panel on the original. These controlled aspects like the sustain, tremolo and chorus effects, portamento and glissando.

I always thought that the controls under a panel were a CS80’s way of “storing the patches” and no fx settings. (Haven’t seen real CS80 myself)


This is exactly it. I had a CS60 for decades, and it too had a trap door under which there was a miniature recreation of the top panel. The CS80 had four miniature recreations of that instrument’s top panel. When I say ‘top panel’ that’s exactly it - it includes none of the stuff in the lower panel, which includes - among other things - the ring modulation section.

These mini-panels were the instrument’s ‘memory’, not to be confused with the factory presets which were selected via the various colorful switches above the keys.


Amazing! That’s a given buy if it sounds as good as the original. Love that they have kept the aesthetic of the original, but in a more modern package.


thuoght i would mention this here: some new modules and a case to fit those in too :smiley_cat:



It was last year too…


Thats just a Concept picture of the DS80. I am Sure it wont Look Like this.


Basically Uli is just trolling Yamaha by stealing away the attention for their CS80 reboot plan, no?


still no trace of odessa :frowning:


Honesty from my point of view the most exciting thing I’m waiting to drop at superbooth is not hardware but actually Bitwig 3.0 and the integrated “grid modular” system. Bitwig is already a modulation beast this will just break it through the glass ceiling.


That would be sick. Waiting for 3.0 to renew my licence





Wot, no joystick?


It’s likely fake, but fun to think about.