Super Compact Physical Modeling Modular (w/Octatrack)


I’m still thinking about this, and came to the conclusion, I don’t need an audio input for this modular idea. I’ve got the OT and preamps for that.

Thanks for the Plonk suggestion @Unifono and @psyclone001! Since it’s quite small, I’m wondering about getting two, and then I’d essentially have a four-voice physical modeling drum synth (sequenced by the OT).


The Plonk is excellent, I managed to get some amazing sounds last night…
Really great module, and so small!


I dunno man, I just got Ears yesterday and it’s hard not to recommend it. It’s not just an input, but an envelope follower as well, which opens up lots of possibilities. I don’t have Rings (yet, tho it’s probably the next module I’ll buy), but here I’m using Ears with a guitar, and Ears is driving the rest of the patch as I strum the guitar.


Yeah plonk sounds great from the demos.
If I got back into euro it would be one of my first purchases I think


I know, I really dig the fact that it has a gate and envelope follower output. I’m still considering it. We’ll see. It’s pretty small . . . :wink: Thanks for the demo! Wild patch you have there!


Yeah, I first wrote it off, because of no audio in, but it seems to have a such potential for a diverse range of sounds. I’m looking forward to some demos with no background noise and less talking. Maybe hear what kind of kick sounds it can produce . . .


Hey @rotallytuined, how’s Plonk for your workflow?


Really like it. Only had about 4 hours with it but yeah great module, capable of a vast array of sounds. I have Elements and obviously they cover similar ground but with enough difference to keep both employed.
To me it’s like a Nord Drum 2 with Elements, some fantastic textures and material sounds.
The customisation of modulation destinations really helps, the randomising really does throw up usable sounds and with a little tweaking you have a brilliant palette of sound.
I really rate the kit function whereby you can use cv to step through a group of presets, effectively giving you a 2 voice drum machine.

The name is also perfect, some sounds are really really percussive and the attack sounds extremely sharp, plucky, almost compressed. I was surprised at just how much presence the sounds have. Wooden sticks, glass bottles, marble slabs, ethnic strings, electro drums, gongs, plates and everything either side and in between!
Love it :heart:

I’m waiting to get all my Acid off the DT and then I’m going to start an empty project using only samples from Plonk.


This is great to hear :wink: And thanks for the reply. I reckon, If I’m going to use synth drums rather than organic acoustic real percussion samples (my main preference), these are the type of sounds I go for.

One more question: How easy is the ability to step through presets? I’d want to know that I can make it varied without sounding completely random and non musical, if that makes sense.


Stepping through presets is just cv so you can sequence a drum track using trig/gate and use (for instance from your seq) pitch to choose sounds!
It is highly effective and can be as controlled as you wish.
The decay also rings long enough to make this sample fodder for more pad/atmospheric exercises.
The 2 voice trick also allows some choke experiments too.

I can’t stress enough the quality of the sounds, it sounds so natural and also very electro whenever the mood takes you!

If you are on the fence then you better climb down before you injure yourself, buy it if you can find it!!!


I’m pretty much off the fence now :wink: I was considering Rings and Ears (great modules, I’m sure) but I’m already a string player (with lots of sounds literally at my fingertips), but I’m wanting more percussion sounds like you’ve mentioned. Really nice to know that the decay can ring quite long (should pair very nicely with the OT).

I’m afraid it will have to be “soonish” though, as the finances just aren’t allowing it atm. But Intellijel seems to be doing great, so I’m looking at some months down the road, and I’ll get this thing.


Yeah just the Plonk and OT would keep you occupied for years.
The minute I saw Plonk I knew I had to get it, I’m a sucker for interesting percussion sounds, I literally crave them.
Plonk sounds fantastic and is deceptively deep, even the odd menu dive is quick and intuitive, it’s a one hand device!
If I had the hp and the elusive coinage I’d buy 3 more!
I need to get Plonky tonight…


Ok, I know this thread is old BUT: There is a free software called VCV Rack modular. A open source based modular simulator. Mutable Instruments made a Software emulation modules. One of them is „Elements“ !
It does sound pretty awesome, it’s free (for additional modules like the „Elements” a simple registration is required), and unlike hardware you can use as much modules as your pc can handle and that’s all for free. The other modules are awesome too. It isn’t as deep as Reaktor 6, it’s more like a real eurorack. Midi and Audi interface modules work perfectly. In general it is a good way to test modular without spending a fortune first.

I’m really impressed, the “Elements” modul alone is one reason why i seriously think about buying a case and build my own dream synth. I would be broke afterwards, but the GAS is stronger then ever :wink:

But I have a question: I did read in this thread that you can’t go from eurorack into the Octatrack because the signal is too hot!?
Did I misinterpret something here or can the signal be routed from a VCA modul into the Octatrack (or into any other hardware input?)


You need to convert from modular to line level for OT or similar devices.

Thanks for the tip on BCC rack modular. I like the sound of Elements and Rings.

Going to go with a hybrid setup eventually (mostly for studio, some live use): analogue semi modular (Treadstone) triggered by a physical frame drum w/piezo mic into Mutable Ears which also triggers Plonk. Plonk’s audio out goes into the Treadstone, audio from frame drum goes into preamp then OT, etc.


Your setup concept sounds interesting. Especially the physical frame drum, is pretty cool!

Can you tell me what kind of modul i would need to lower the signal level, so i can go into the Octatrack?
I‘m really new to modular and i thought i could just send the signal into into a VCA and then into a mixer, sampler, synth input.


I take my modular outputs straight to the OT inputs with nothing in between.
No problems here…


Wow! That’s great to know :smiley: Mk1 or II?


Incidentally I’ve piped the stereo out of Elements straight into the OT.
Also Clouds, Braids and Peaks in drum mode.
Never gave it a second thought, never had a problem…


Ah thank you very much! I‘m new to eurorack and I was pretty confused about the statement that the Sound from the Eurorack would be to hot for the Octatrack. The thought of destroying my gear because the audio from modular is too loud made me pretty insecure.
If the signal is too load and starts clipping I could probably just lower the volumen level of the VCA module.


Most of the time you will run your audio sources in a vca or mixer to control the level. At least I do that. There you can attenuate before outputting to the OT. You can also put the input gain down in the OT mixer.