Super Compact Physical Modeling Modular (w/Octatrack)


Ah perfect! That’s exactly how I planned it! I probably going to create a small case, that can be used for effects and some cool synthesis forms I can’t do with a normal synth. Probably going to buy mutable instruments „Elements“ modul, a resonator, nice filters(maybe a Formant-filter, and lots of LFOs, a mixer and a VCA. Maybe I going to control it with my A4 and record sometimes with my Octatrack.
Again, thanks a lot!


cool. You’ll certainly have fun with it.
just a note: Elements has a resonator built in. But you can never have too many resonators :wink:

If you are cool with little menu diving, I strongly can recommend Pamela’s new workout. Especially for a small case. 8 hp, 8 outputs for lfo’s (and/or gates, envelopes)


Thanks, I will check it out. 8 LFO Outputs sounds awesome. Menü Diving isn’t a problem for me. Can’t wait for it :slight_smile:



Omg, this is brilliant! So many possibilities, it would be perfect for my case. Thanks a lot!


my most used module


Kind of a side question, but has anyone used any of these modeling modules with a Tubbutec Mutune? It’s a pitch quantizer that can load Scala tuning filesµtune/

Was Googling a bit and apparently Plonk has issues with pitch quantizers like Mutune, unless the user follows specific directions from Intellijel.


it’s now almost 2 years ago, but i’d like to ask if anyone can explain the (dis-)advantages of using the OT’s LFO’s for modular.

i’m planing to build a max. 3U 84HP skiff for morphing-wavetable-synthesis and looking forward to use the FH-2 from EXPERT SLEEPERS along with my OT, and i’d really like to go crazy with the LFO-DESIGNER :slight_smile:


Midi lfos are pretty sufficient imo, it really depends on how fussy you are. I don’t know of anything equivalent to OTs lfo designer honestly. I really neglect the lfo designer, there’s just so much you can do with OT even before that. The amount of LFOs and modulating them with each other, it would be crazy to not use it because there’s “only” 127 values. Some people are purists though


that’s my thoughts on this, too, and i think that the pure possibility of complex p-locking and cond.-trigs will already be brilliant hands down :slight_smile:

thx. for the quick and nice respone!!