Super Compact Physical Modeling Modular (w/Octatrack)


worth it I guess. you can also power a small system with the shuttle control


@Patrick_DSP has a great OT+Euro rig he’s been working on…


Almost done with mine. For me the turning point was the Doepfer MTV-16 that converts 16 midi CCs to CVs. I have my rack mounted octatrack’s LFOs to CV via 2 tiny modified multis. So much control, i’m laughing. My live pa setup currently is an octatrack, eurorack modular, 0coast and a beatstep pro that all fits inside a carry on sized 8u tilting rack case. I’m still waiting for a few more select items to come in.

BTW rack ears waste space, so they needed to be modified to give an extra 20hp.

And the midi in & thru

Black Box Combination Cases w/ Eurorack

To be honest, if you want to go ultra compact with a modular sound along with your octatrack, look into a 0-coast or Pittsburgh Modular even a Moog Mother 32.


Exactly. Except for would still need the resonator module.
I’m intrigued now with the combo of something like the 0 Coast plus Rings or even Ears plus Rings and use acoustic sound sources with contact mics (the exciter part of Elements)… Already do the contact mic thing anyway, which leads me to thinking, why not also feed a cue out to Rings and maybe a multimode filter and route midi out to Yarns or other midi/CV to Rings and filter.


Dope setup :punch:

Is shuttle control acting as an extra modulation source? My modular rig is about half that size but I’ve got one extra EG apart from Maths.

Also, I thought shuttle control works as a MIDI host. Surprised it isn’t compatible with the DT


One very important thing to say that happens to most people when you go euro : YOU WANT MORE ! It´s really like drug. You will find out when you get modules “Oh this module would be much better when I add this and that” and it starts. And it´s all very costly, but also very very fun and you learn much, because you really explore and touch every part of your sound design process. For me I found out that with 208 hp (6u) I have a good system with lots of possibilities. I had a second case, but sold it because it started to be just more. O course different kinds of “more”. But I designed my one case as complete for me. I forced me to just one case, because otherwise it will never end.


Against everyone’s advice I bought a 3U case to force me not to buy too much. I often think about 6u, but I recognize pretty fast, that it would be another 2000 and I want to try so much modules that even 6u won’t be enough and the decisions would be overwhelming :wink:
Imo Eurorack is the most interesting and innovative thing these days.
I bought a Expert Sleepers ES8. When I want bigger patches, I can do that easily adding Reaktor or Silent Way. But honestly, with an A4 and a nice selection of modules, 3U can keep you buisy for exploration for a long time. Single modules can be very deep


Erica pico-system


Back to the original topic. If you want physical modelling, why not buy Elements and a midi to cv and see how far you get? You will see what’s missing.
I would add a versatile modulation module and here we go :slight_smile:


In this patch only one channel of the Shuttle control is being used for modulation, but yes the envelopes and LFO’s from the SC are pretty handy in this slimmed down set up for me.
My other case has all the sequencers, envelopes, and Random source stuff so yeah playing with only one Maths and pulling an envelope from the AP-1 is a bit limiting.

It does work as a midi host but at the moment it’s not working with the Digitakt.

I don’t use the SC for power but If I had to make a small 3U skiff it’s a great option.


That Rack Mod Tho! :heart_eyes:


Hey thanks everyone for your input on this thread. I’m really grateful for everyone’s suggestions; it’s been super helpful for my thought process. Since I’m sticking to the limit of 60HP, I’m being very picky and probably won’t be purchasing for a little while, but I’ve narrowed it down to:

Elements + Yarns (very intrigued with having easy access to microtonal capabilities, plus an onboard digital oscillator) + Ears (the more I think about this one as an acoustic musician, I can’t pass up the possibilities) + power + output = $1212/60HP

Or: Rings + Ears + Ripples (or other filter) + Yarns + Output + Power = $1232/48HP.

So, I understand this goes against traditional thought regarding modular in a number of ways, but I guess I’m determined to try something a bit different :smile:

In the latter hypothetical setup the exciter would be live input from Ears (the contact mic/modular case itself, or a live input from a vocal mic/tanbur, or possibly the oscillator from Yarns and would do this with first setup as well). My thought is that with either setup, I should have plenty of midi/cv control over key parameters. Anyway, I’m still way open to suggestions, but these two possibilities are the direction I’m leaning. I’m thinking I should be able to get a pretty large range of sounds from either setup.


This could be a good solution. I know I want this combo of cases for a compact travel solution. It folds into itself for easy transport. Only is 6hp more than you wanted to limit yourself to.


Then there’s this:


Was mentioned earlier in the thread, the Intellijel Plonk.
Not the best demo quality but still sounds great I think


Wow. That’s cool. And on the original topic, I adore Braids. It’s my favorite digital oscillator in the whole world, with Access or Elektron coming up close–but I think what you’re describing screams for Elements. It exists for the exact kind of synthesis you’re describing and is designed to give you the best possible options.


Yeah, I quickly realised that the Rainmaker has way too complex an interface for what I’m looking for. @psyclone001: Plonk sounds cool, but no audio input?

It comes down to Elements or Rings as the core module. Rings takes up way less space and seems to be the core of the sound I’m looking for, so I’m thinking Ears + Rings does basically what I want (my exciter would be Ears: input from my OT or actually scratching, rubbing the contact mic surface on Ears).

This would allow me much more space to also add something like Intellijel’s Polaris filter, a reverb perhaps like Erica synth Pico DSP.

Ears + Rings + Filter (Polaris) + Power + Out. This seems like a decent small modular physical modeling synth.

oops, forgot to add Midi/CV module :blush:


It will all come together, I reckon. No problem at all with my setup in the now.
I’ve got plenty of music flowing at the moment; I’m grateful for that.


:heart_eyes: I’m in love with this case! want one!