Strymon Volante


Something funny about the tape curling round the switch like that, in its weak plastic casing, trying to touch the digital pedal in a futile but kind of devotional way. Like, algorithms have finally come so far that they even make real tapes jealous.


The algorithms are still the same. It’s just that we now have hardware fast enough to run them. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, finally some synth examples. I just got really excited - mine arrives on Monday. :upside_down_face:


I went to my local music shop and asked if they could get me on a list for one. It still hasn’t been announced when they will be available here or how much. They’re going to call the distributor tomorrow and see if they can get some info.


I did a silly thing.

Spent my Volante money on a Digitakt.

I still have the £50.00 deposit down, but it’s unlikely i’ll have the balance when I get the call.

I do have an Empress Echosystem to play with, but definitely want the Volante ASAP.


As silly decisions go, that’s a pretty good one :slight_smile:


I’m happy I bought the Digitakt but I won’t have much money this year and I was really excited about getting the Volante.

All good though. I’ll enjoy the Digitakt and look even more forward to getting a Volante.


That’s a great outlook! The Digitakt is an awesome machine. I only sold mine once I started getting decent at using the Octatrack. The Volante is on my radar, but I just bought an Analog Four mkii last week, so we’re in the same boat!
Sometimes I’m glad when funds aren’t available for every piece of gear I want. Forces me to learn how to make more of what I already have :slight_smile:


This demo and video from SonicState is the best example of this pedal being used with a synth so far.

Mine arrived this weekend, can’t wait to take it out for a spin!


I just heard that they won’t be available in Japan until some time in March. Bummer.


maybe i’m a little too ignorant to state this, but regarding to a comment in this YT-video i find it quite interesting to compare this to the BASTL THYME or, quoting the commenter i’m referring to: what is the difference between the VOLANTE and the THYME except its shimmering-reverb?


Wow, very BoC sounding. I dig it.
Curious though when he mentions panning the heads, still sounded mono when he modified it.


I’ve definitely heard a clip with stereo panning being demonstrated.

Maybe this one:


Yeah - in the sonicstate video, the demonstrator either was very subtle with his panning, or he still had most heads down the middle. I think it’s the latter, because he kinda glossed over the panning feature pretty quickly. I think the other video shows off the panning a lot better.

I don’t know about comparisons with the Bastl Thyme. Though they are both tape based, I’d say the character of each is probably very different in the end, especially since Bastl stuff tends to push the boundaries (a good thing). It has a lot more functionality, including a sequencer. The Volante is a delay effect meant to emulate 3 different old school tape / magnetic recording media (drum, tape and reel-to-reel tape), with the added bonus of a spring reverb. They both seem like really cool units, with different approaches to tape delay based effects.


I’m torn between the the volante and a bastl thyme.
after talking to bastl they confirmed that the incoming stereo image is fully retained throughout which is really cool and the volante sadly doesn’t do (also the SOS mode seems mono). I thought the lack of a dry/wet knob on the volante will definitey rule it out for me but i keep coming back to it as I do adore the sound of my elCap (which doesn’t accept midi in).
reality is probably that i don’t need either and should exhaust the options of my empress echosystem first


Quick newb question. Do these pedals work better with Monosynths rather than Poly. I hear great things with the Moog Mother 32 but how would they be with say an Analogue 4 or the XD Minilogue just released.


Why would that be the case?


i’d say he danger to clutter up your sound is higher with a poly synth in general… when adding long delay trails to it it can get rather busy… but listen to any BoC… gorgeous delays on poly synths! =)


I read BOC used mostly the Juno SH-101

In their work. Its a Mono synth i think. I could be wrong though.


You can put most poly synths in mono mode. You can’t put a mono synth in poly mode. :slight_smile: