Strymon Volante


This thing looks pretty great. The video focuses 100% on guitar but the “instrument/line” switch and added midi tells me they definitely realize how us synths folks out there also love strymon stuff. Also, coming in at $399 is good news.


I really does look tempting! They priced it really well… Might become a desktop unit for the studio. #trueforme - i like to keep my live options more minimal! haha!


So for those wanting to know what it is, it’s a ‘Magnetic echo machine’


I’ve already put a deposit down for one.

I was meant to be putting cash towards a Digitakt, but I couldn’t pass this up. Money will be tight this year, and I chose to go with my heart on this one.


I’m very tempted as well. I just overhauled my gear but the El Capistan is one of my favorite tape delay emulations out there and this looks like a perfect update to that machine.


I wish pre-orders weren’t 100% paid up front.

100% agreed. it seems very extensive. super tempted.

really hoping this is the route they go for “mkii” versions of their older (small) pedals.


My pre-order in the UK was £50.00


NICE! yeah that option is not there in the states. full price, plus shipping. $420. then wait two months :frowning:

I’m complaining, but there’s a chance I’ll do it anyway. I did with the Timeline about eight years ago (wow)…


That would be awesome. While I don’t necessarily think it’s the most attractive design, I do really like this format as I wasn’t into the menu diving on the box boxes.


I’m going to pick up a Volante. I currently have a Timeline, DIG, and a Chase Bliss Tonal Recall RKM on my guitar’s studio pedalboard, but I think the Volante could cover all of those pedals close enough to use on my gig board - plus it has a spring reverb.


I hear that. I figure with a company as big (relatively, compared to niche/boutique builders) as Strymon, it won’t be hard to find inventory when it does hit the shelves. I’m probably going to wait until my favorite vendor has one, or try to score one with free shipping. Either way, I’m definitely leaning toward picking this one up.

RE aesthetics: I actually think it looks good. I feel like I’m in the minority, though. :man_shrugging:t3:


I’m interested to see what kind of secondary functions the knobs have. The only one I have seen is that if you hold two of the eight buttons and turn the spring knob you can adjust the depth.

It would be cool if you could adjust the gain range on the record level knob or fine tune the wow and flutter on the mechanics knob.

Also, the reverb on this sounds so much more lush than on the El Cap.


I’m not very fussy about what my pedals look like, but I think it looks cool


Not much so far. On their product “support” page there’s a lot of info compared to the product page.

Already ordered mine! Happy to wait.
A few weeks ago they were evacuated from their HQ for a week as the Cal fire storm raged thru. Must have been a spanner in the works to say the least.


That was EIGHT years ago? Sheesh.


I literally just got enough money to buy the timeline and bigsky… count me out until I get paid next! Looks dope though!


You made the right choice! :wink:


Excellent point - living in California, fire news is almost easy to forget. I’ll be glad to support these guys by buying direct this time around. Heck, as I type this I’m drinking a beer which every dollar spent goes to relief for the Camp Fire (the bigger, record-breaking fire that was in northern California). Cheers


Well today I learned that “gigaflops’ are a real thing. Def had to google that


Very geeky question, but is the Volante running a different SHARC processor than the regular pedals and are there one or two processors in it? I guess I’m wondering if they are able to do more processing with this than say the El Cap.