Strymon Volante


thanks for digging this up. slightly disappointing that the SOS mode doesn’t respect stereo in though. do the schematics also show that the dry signal will always be present and only the wet level can be dialled (echo level)? this would make it less atractive for me now… i love running my elCap fully wet

edit: it would also mean that repeats lose their stereo position sadly


yea I keep starring at the schematics and I suppose a fully wet signal isn’t possible


Placed an order today with my favorite online retailer. Looking forward to pairing it up with Digitone. Stay tuned! I still wish there were more synth demos around. I get it, it’s new, but I feel like synth folks would be all over this, with how (seemingly) popular lofi tape delay sounds are right now.


They literally just announced it and it isn’t available outside of the US at the moment. Very few people in the world have one at the moment.


Isn’t the Echo level knob basically a mix knob? That’s what I assume from reading the manual and watching their videos. Like a fully clockwise level is 100% wet.
I’ll have to wait till February to test it, or later if the distributor ships in by steam boat.


A few mates and I reckon this tape effect thing is taking off because of all the digital guitar amps released for years now. Loud as f^*k but so clinical. It’s like a drinking game, take a shot every time you hear someone say they bought an xyz digital amp which sounds amazing with their new el cap or deco.
I use them, Deco and time line dTape, mostly on the mono Subsequent37. But I’m putting lots of my sampled Bass guitar and Subsequent37 Bass samples on my AR, so I’ll be trying the Volante on the AR for the bass jack out. How soon that happens depends on how many weeks I spend in guitar shoegaze heaven playing through 3 tape delay pedals.


I was set on an El Capistan, but I definetly want this more :slight_smile: Sounds at least as good and has a broader featureset.

Edit: Or maybe I’ll end up getting both if they don’t discontinue El Capistan.


I just sold my El Cap to fund this. I loved the El Cap, but I think the interface on this is more inituitive in terms of knowing what’s going on in terms of tape heads and secondary functions.

For me, having both just seemed like it would be overkill, but YMMV. In one of the videos, Pete actually says that describing it as “an El Cap on steroids” is not a bad way to think about it.


Just watched this.


Agreed, cant wait to pair one of these with my new grandmother. I think the colors even match!


That’s going to be amazing.


Strymon Volante sounds like the name of some suave male model movie star… :joy:
Not knocking it, it looks sweet! Just sayin… :smile:



From someone on Gearslutz who asked Strymon directly : “there’s a startup function that can set the pedal 100 % wet for send/aux/mixing.” :slight_smile:





Yeah, but I know that I want to do longer chains of fx on individual sounds at some point in future (I’m new to hardware). A bit like I would do in Ableton, not nearly as extreme though. But in some chains I would sometimes use more than one delay, even if I didn’t, there might be another chain somewhere, where I would need a delay. Or maybe that one could be in eurorack, who knows? :slight_smile:


So no dry/wet knob. Bummer. Thanks for clarifying