Strymon Volante




I’ve found that generally any type of distortion - as is the case with tape delay - without a matching pre-eq introduces a lot of mud into chords and overlapping sounds. Some effects do this interaction of pre-eq and distortion well on synths, others do it well on guitars, others do it well with microphones, others do it well on the master bus. Keep in mind: generally. If it works for you, it works.
I’m somewhat sure that the Strymon stuff would work well with synths.


Yes. The mud or overlapping sounds is the concern. But from what ive heard the Moog sound shines with these Strymons. I was just wondering if theres something unique about them.


there’s no such synth. you’re combining two into one! :slight_smile:

there’s an SH-101, which is monophonic. and there’s Juno polyphonic synths (106, 60, and 6). all of which were mono signals (not stereo). but in the Junos, with the chorus turned on, there was a stereo signal.

personally I believe they use the 101 but not the Junos. I have some other theories about what they use synth-wise but it’s definitely off-topic!


I dunno, they’re apparently very good at emulating the tape sound.
But at the end they’re cooking with the same water as any other company, unless you’re really specific, I wouldn’t make decisions based on which companies’ products pair well.


Yes i take your point of if it works it works. Just gotta experiment till you nail it ! :).


My bad. Yes the sh-101 what the link refers to.


But to be fair, if I were on the hunt for a delay, I personally wouldn’t think twice about the volante! :grin:
The input section seems so cool and all the controls sure would make for some serious knob-tweakage.


Yes. Its very tempting. I was looking at the Deco but now this.


Bad Sounddemo. I Hope someone will soon Post some real Synth Demos with it.


I got my unit this week and I emailed them regarding the 100% wet startup function. I have it set up in a chain of FX plugged in a patch bay, and use aux send/return on my mixer to send instruments signals through the chain.

Sometimes I need a bit of dry signal to pass through (for example, if it goes in a reverb after, I might want some of the dry signal to go through the reverb), sometimes I need 0% dry signal (if i decide to bypass the reverb)… Having to restart the pedal to make that happen is not practical to me.

I asked them for a 3rd mode in which the Echo Level knob would behave like a dry/wet knob, just like on the El Capistan. I hope they can add that in a firmware update sometimes.


Make sens. Im keeping my El Cap for now for that reason.
Otherwise i guess its a very good sounding pedal ? Do you consider it a replacement for the El Cap ?


I wish there were a dry wet on my Deco. You can fake it with the doubletracker: don’t turn on the saturator and use the blend for dry wet. I don’t know if that helps in the Volantes case…


That is interesting. I was wondering where the wet/dry/mix/blend/whatever knob was. I hooked mine up for the first time the other day and played around with it. At times, it seemed like I couldn’t really hear it, especially with mechanics cranked - I want to hear those artifacts and weirdnessess! Next time I jam, I’ll have the manual in front of me, I just wanted to get up and running quickly. I did enjoy it when I had the knobs tweaked just right.


I only got the Volante 2 days ago, but have had my El Cap for a while. I initially thought I’d sell the El Cap, but now I’m not so sure. They do not sound the same… I tried to reproduce the El Cap mojo on the Volante and had a bit of a hard time to do so. I did get close though, but it’s not as instant as the El Cap.

Don’t get me wrong, the Volante has a great sound of its own. It’s parameters are a bit different from the El Cap, and the device is a bit more complex to set (but that might very well be me not knowing the device well yet).

With the El Capistan it seems I can’t make it sound wrong. Like the sound will almost always fit well in the mix, and if not, one or two adjustments will get it there.

Whereas on the Volante I had some settings blurry up the mix and didn’t know what to adjust. (again, I’m very new to the device)

The Volante having more controls (For instance the position of the Rec Level will quite heavily change the sound), with some more difficult parameters to grasp (Spacing, (spacing between playhead) which in theory seems straightforward, is more obscure in practice, and the way each playhead and their feedback can be added or removed from the delay line can make some really complex delays.) (BTW, you can turn on the feedback for a playhead which is set to off… For example, you can have only the 3rd playhead set to on, and only the feedback from playhead 2 - try to think about that!).

It took me a while yesterday, but I started to feel more and more comfortable with the unit, and made it do some very interesting stuff. Also, syncing it with a MIDI clock is a very welcome addition.

And one more thing, regarding the stereo panning of the playheads : They are very easy to set, but they don’t work in the way I expected. Basically, the difference between playheads and their feedback is that the playhead will play the first delay (when a sound has just been recorded into the buffer, it will first pass through a playhead (up to four playhead), while the feeback will play all subsequent delays from a playhead (after that first pass). Sorry if it’s not clear… bit hard to explain. So what you can adjust is a playheads panning, which impacts only the first pass of a signal through the playheads; the feedback will not be panned.

EDIT : Regarding panning, it’s not exactly what I described… I explained it better in a post below…


Yeah the Mechanics seems to impact both Tape and Drum modes much more than the Studio mode. Also, you might hear it more by setting the speed switch to “half” and not putting too much wear (cause it’ll cut high frequencies).


Thanks - I bet I had the wear up too high. I’ll be doing more test drives this weekend.




Thanks all for reporting back, all this makes my decision to go with a bastl thyme much easier. The lack of a mix knob and the stereo signal routing rules this out for me. Bummed about the looper being mono too


There is also the Oto Bim. Looks like a nice delay with lots of possibilities.