Strymon Volante


Is the looper midi syncable?


When the Manual will be available, we will find Out.


Oh, yum! I love Strymon’s gear - I’m sure this’ll end up in my pedal crate later in the year.


shipping to North America today! :partying_face:


How many ambient modular and Volante videos by week’s end? :laughing:


So much for that 30-60 day lead time! I guess I’ll have to wait till more gear sells. Definitely looking forward to hearing more examples though (even if they are ambient modular)!


Agree I like tape echo delay better than digital delays. I have an EHX Canyon so buying another delay/reverb pedal is hard to make a case for. I just picked up a Boss MD-500 for modulation sounds with guitar and my synths. But yeah I would get a Volante over the Timeline for the cool Binson echorec sounds.


I’m kind of GASsing for this , but I’m also thinking that Sean Costello (Valhalla DSP) will be doing a tape delay plugin this year, so I might just wait and see what he has up his sleeve…


Looking forward to hearing some synths trough this pedal.

Is the Volante enough for a primary delay pedal or is it more of a “colorful” addition?


as long as you only like the delay models it offers, it’s fine. if you’re after an all in one solution with more delay options, the Timeline (or similar from other manufacturers) is a better choice.


There are a lot of different types of delay out there, so it sort of depends on the type of delay you like, but I think it is pretty versatile in the sense that it can get really “clean” sounding if you dial out the modulation, or very “washed out” and “psychedelic” sounding as well.

Traditional digital studio delay is sort of boring to me, so I really don’t need anything like the DIG or those models on the Timeline. You could have a listen to those and see if it is something you might prefer though.

The delays I myself like the most are the magnetic echo type (which the Volante models) and old-school analog bucket brigade delays (like the Memory Man).

If I had unlimited time, space, money, and repair skills, I would love to own a real tape echo, but I don’t so the Strymon is the perfect no-fuss alternative for me and (knock wood) I won’t have to worry about it crapping out on me like I would an old vintage machine. I have seen a lot of guitar videos over the years where people have an old Space Echo sitting on a shelf for decoration because it no longer works.

For analog bucket brigade delay, I have a cheap Way Huge Aqua Puss Mini that I run on my all analog rig, mainly just for simple slapback echo. It sounds really nice and most importantly is battery powered. I might like a Memory Man some day, but the Volante is way more versatile IMO.

If I had to choose only one delay pedal, the Volante would be my top choice (mainly because I know exactly what kind of sound I like).


It’s so cute and symmetrical! Very aesthetically pleasing pedal.


With the manual now available, I’m curious to hear peoples take on whether the SOS mode will be midi sync able- I’m guessing yes but can’t be certain.

Also I wonder how the head panning responds to stereo inputs. I.e: audio in on R but head is panned hard L, does that mean the head won’t even receive audio or does it receive audio but only out puts to L?

If the looper syncs to midi and the stereo handling is better than the elCap (with the fainter R channel) , it’ll quite likely replace my elCap which I adore for the sound but not the handling


I just realised, maybe erroneously, but does it appear that “tape crinkle” & “wow and flutter” have both been combined in the Mechanics knob?
I like a little crinkle, some times none, and lots of wow and flutter. I wonder how they’re mixing this???


I think crinkle doesn’t get added until after noon on the dial.


Strymon reply to Looper midi sync:

On Volante, the delay repeats will sync to MIDI clock, however, the SOS looper does not sync to MIDI clock. MIDI Clock sync is saved independently per preset.
You CAN use a sequencer to program the MIDI CC’s that control the looper to sequence the recording and playback of the Volante looper.


Thanks, I just asked them the same thing amongst my other questions. I might not even sell my elCap and am pretty set now on getting one. Still curious how stereo IN is handled


Still the most exciting pre-NAMM announcement for me, and the only thing so far that I’m definitely buying.


Looking at the schematic the L&R inputs go to the recording heads before the playback buttons and feedback, then to the stereo processing, which is where (I suppose) the panning would affect the signal. So, yeh, if you pan a head hard left it should output audio that came in from both L&R inputs. As the line shows, the path is summed to mono.