Strymon Volante


I hate when people hump their machines…


Yeah, I agree that there seems like a lot of overlap with the El Cap. I’m planning to “upgrade” to the new one, as I really like the feature set of the new one, having more access to functions up top via the knobs, and a stereo input.

I’m actually putting my El Cap up on the auctions today. I bought my El Cap used within a year of its release and one that sold on the auctions here in Japan yesterday went for around the price I paid years ago, so I should get most of my money back from the El Cap and I can always pick one up again if I miss it for any reason.


It seems like it can do one loop up to 64 seconds, length being defined by button presses…


Thank you

So it might be connected to Digitakt to make perfect loop length


I see where you’re coming from. Hope your El Cap sells well! And let us know if you think the upgrade is worth it once you get the Volante.

I don’t think I want to get rid of my El Cap just yet. It really has its own place with the things it does in my live set and I think I’ll regret selling it. I too like the extra features of the Volante, like the amount of control you have over playback and feedback heads. Also I’m really curious to learn more about the sound on sound mode, especially if it will do the loop aging like El Cap and how well it syncs to MIDI clock. But I doubt those cool extras are worth 450 Euro to me if I deceide to keep my El Cap.


Nice find! On another forum, guys are asking similar questions, as well as whether speed and other looper features can be controlled by MIDI or the EXP input.


Strymon Volante meet Aston Martin Volante. Both sound great. The colors are even similar.


Ordered one today from
I visited today a friend who has an Eventide Timefactor. That also has some great Vintage Tape Delay emulations.


My TimeFactor is in a fair bit of danger now that I’ve heard the Volante


Noooo keep it. Those dual delay Mayhem that the Timefactor is capable of…cant be done with Volante. And the tape Emulation from Eventide is very good!


I had the same thought about my Empress Echosystem. I’ve just never felt particularly excited by it. Obviously it has far more functionality than the Volante, but I just didn’t think it actually sounded as good as i’d hoped or expected.

The Volante on the other hand sounds really expressive.

I’ll still make use of both though.


The good news is that my El Cap sold immediately when I put it up on the auction. The bad news is that the Japanese distributor has not announced Volante yet, so none of the music shops here will take a preorder yet.

One of the features I’m a excited about is something mentioned on the loop function explanation and in one of the videos. Apparently, the speed toggle affects audio fidelity, so you get cool “lo-fi” tones if you run it at half speed and crank up the mechanics knob.

I think this thing is going to pair incredibly well with the Deco.


This thing does look really interesting and powerful, and I love Strymon stuff. But I think I’ll hold out for Magneto. I want to have a nice compact 60 hp audio workstation in Eurorack eventually. But I do love just seeing what Strymon come up with next.


Honestly I don’t think Eventide’s tape delay is that great. You get separate knobs for wow and flutter but their modulation is done through basic LFOs that loop quite predictably. To my ear Strymon processing is much more advanced and gets much closer to the sound and behaviour of real tape. That said, the Looper on the Eventide is unique and magical and very fun so I’ll probably keep it around just for that.


Argh. I keep saying to myself that I won’t buy any hardware FX as I have a pretty great selection of ITB FX but this looks really nice, can just imagine it on my Grandmother.


Yes. On mono synths the whole “dTape” delay just works. On my Subsequent37 and old voyager nothing would gel except for the ElCap/Deco/Timeline dTape delays. In fact, if I’d known this was coming out I’d have kept my A4 and paired them up as a random rhythm generator. These Strymon people are freaks.


Magneto does look very similar to Volante. It’s like Volante is Magneto in pedal format, with MIDI added. However, speed has only 3 possible choices whereas Magneto has continuously variable speed.


Ah, interesting difference! It seems like a decent trade off. Volante is less expensive but pedal format, so self contained in that way.


The Magic of the Timefactor lays imho within the dual delays, that can be shifted and Mixed Against each other. I liked that about it, when i had Mine.


Plus Midi syncable without the cost of extra modules.

I Hope Strymon will have also a Take on their *Sky Reverbs and do an Eurorack Module/new standalone Unit with easier UI.