Strymon DIG VS Meris Polymoon VS other recommendations

Anyone have experience of the two?

I’ve had a Polymoon and loved it but never really used all the fancy extra features. Liked the bandpass filter it had and from memory was a lovey delay. Can’t remember why I sold it but I think I felt I wasn’t using it fully and hand a Volante as well (also sold that one)

It will sit on a send return, wants to have midi for clock, stereo, a little modulation but not too bothered by that as I’ll probably ad modulation to what’s playing into it. Kill dry.

Dig sounds nice, one is up second hand too… not sure how you connect midi to this one though.

Anything else worth considering?

I have DIG and Polymoon, also Time Factor, Demora and a few Boss stompboxes like DM-2w and Tera Echo.

DIG is basically like a really nice (meaning: nicer than a midiverb/quadraverb - no disrespect intended) old school digital rack delay in a pedal. I bought it for one reason: the 12-bit mode sounds amazing. It is one of those algorithms that has something going on that’s hard to put your finger on, it just sounds really pleasing.

I tend to use the Polymoon more as a creative texturizer/space filling effect. DIG is way more conventional. Different use cases for me, but DIG is a good choice for a buss delay I think. Time Factor would cover the most bases though and is simpler to incorporate (visual display, DIN MIDI, stereo jack socket pairs, physical line/inst level switches). Worth checking to see if you like the algorithms.


the OTO Bim is also a great 12-bit delay, and has some additional options over the Dig (including midi sync). my only gripe is trying to remember what the hell the dots in the display mean when editing various parameters; but Strymon has that “hidden function” issue too. I like them both a lot, but I’ll reach for the Dig more if I just want to get a great sounding delay and be on with it. like if I’m writing good ideas and want to keep moving forward. but then maybe later once they’re down and I’m refining sounds I might go back and swap the Bim in for the Dig to make sure there’s nothing there I want.

if you’re not married to a pedal (and I guess this applies to the Bim too, since it’s not a pedal) the Boss Micro Rack series also includes a great 12-bit delay. kinda difficult to find and pricey (though less than the above pedals). not sure if it has midi or any tap tempo options, but you can turn it into a sampler and trigger the samples with it. Autechre used to do this on their early albums.


Thanks guys. Some great info.

I’d love a BIM, but I’m sticking to things that are 9-18v centre negative so I can power easily. Plus I may also use on guitar and I’m not sure the BIM would work well with low inputs (I may be wrong here).

@finalform - The Timeline could be a great choice thinking about it. I have a Meris Mercury 7 that never leaves the buss as it’s a PITA to change input to mono and turn to instrument input! If that’s all easy on a Timeline it would give me loads more options and me more usable for my setups (synths and samplers through a mixer and then guitars). Does it do a nice 12bit delay? I need to do some research I think

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Just seen the time line has a feedback loop! So could add a drive pedal to the repeats I’m guessing :heart:

I have (and was talking about) the Eventide Time Factor, not the Strymon Timeline, different pedal.

The Time Factor’s “Vintage Delay” algorithm has a bit reduction parameter so yes, it can do a 12-bit style delay but IMO the DIG’s sounds nicer.


DIG just sounds so good. I just sold mine but that was to finance a new synth. Poly moon has more features but dig sounds better. I also has a Volante so I’ll manage.

There is something special about the modulation on the DIG. It just works.

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I don’t think the Strymon Timeline has a 12-bit algorithm. the Timeline was basically “let’s dumb all our delays down just a bit and put 'em into one pedal” and the Dig didn’t exist when it was created. so I don’t think it’s in there. there are some lo-fi options and yes it works well with both signal levels, as well as stereo, presets and midi.


If you’re looking for 12 bit delays, take a look at the Audiothingies Doctor A

Not many demos on YT, but here’s one from a fellow naut.


Strymon Timeline’s 'LO-FI" machine goes from 32-bit down to 4 bit. It also does sample rate reduction. It is the ‘Destroyer’ machine from the Mobius with an added delay algorithm. I love running things through it. Even just letting it go full wet and having the vinyl sim on without running anything through it. Lovely.

Strymon Timeline also has MIDI in/out, switchable kill dry mode, switchable feedback loop and very capable delay algorithms. Add to that patch storage and a decent looper. It’s a capable package for sure but I think of it mostly as a utilitarian delay as opposed to what something like a Polymoon does.

All that being said, I find myself firing things into my El Capistan more often than the Timeline. :smiley:


same. that’s why I sold the TL and thus couldn’t remember exactly what it has (though I think the Lo-Fi is the one with a “grit” control, right? that’s always a win!). so thanks for clarifying.

‘LO-FI’ has Sample and Bit Rate Reduction plus a Vinyl sim setting with a mix parameter. The ‘Grit’ knob is global and adds distortion and artifacts to all algorithms except dTape and dBucket where it does tape bias and bucket loss respectively.

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Sorry! My mind just went onto Strymon.

Looking at the Strymon timeline, it’s too big and I can’t see me using most of algorithms. Looper would be handy though.

Just watched a few DIG videos, it does sound good! I THINK I can sync via my Morningstar MC8 with 1/4” to 1/4” TRS cables but need to look into that.

Will check out a few others mentioned here…

Thanks for the help guys

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Aggggghhhh. Looks like the DIG needs a jumper changed internally for stereo / Mono inputs. That’s a pain if I want to use it on the bus and then on a guitar at another time

stop replying, you’re making me want one again!

yeah but you have to use a TRS cable to get to the stereo line right? wouldn’t you just half insert a TR cable to get back to mono?


El Capistan works the same way. I just keep it on mono input as stereo input sounds off. It does something weird to one of the channels IIRC like always passing the dry signal on the left channel. Something sounded weird when I jumpered mine so I took it off shortly thereafter.


Started looking at Eventide Timefactor… then ZOIA again as that could be really interesting if I put the time in to programming…

man, looking into delays is almost as bad as looking at overdrive pedals for guitars. So. Much. Choice.

Just to muck up the decision a bit more, Scot_Solida has an H9 Max for sale in the FS sub. :stuck_out_tongue:

That gives you a metric ton of options. I wouldn’t be parted from mine.

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Fortunately (or not), I’m in the UK, so that’s out. Though I did start looking at those last night :slight_smile:

Anyone tried Free the Tone Flight Time?

Also, I’m always surprised that Source Audio doesn’t come up more often, my Ventris Reverb is great, I always thought the Nemesis would be great too.

For lofi digital delay, Bastl Thyme has gotta be up there as a fun box. I ultimately bought a Zoia instead a couple of years ago… But whilst I do like the Zoia, I’ve never been 100% in love with it…

I love the aesthetics of the DIG, and some of the sound samples, but didn’t love it when I tried it. I was specifically looking for something to use with alto sax at the time though, and maybe I needed to have more time to figure out how to dial in all the hidden stuff. I kinda hate hidden crap, just put a few more knobs on there?! And definitely don’t hide internal jumpers… what a ridiculous faff that is. I’d love to try it again sometime though, cos I need some pink in my studio.

I had Polymoon for a brief spell. I didn’t get on with it.

The one I had which I still regret selling… Alexander Pedals Radical Delay II+ (the cream coloured one). That was an awesomely voiced digital delay. I sold it thinking I wanted something with more features. I was wrong! If anyone has one they’ll sell me, let me know!

Currently, asides Zoia (which only really gets used for glitchy stuff) and my vintage tape echo, for digital I’ve got a cheap 2nd hand Digitech Digidelay. It cost me £35 on eBay and it’s got a lot to offer for that price! I keep telling myself I’m not allowed any more delays…

If I could afford eurorack, the intellijel rainmaker looks incredible for creative delay stuff. I wish they’d release that as a standalone box / pedal.

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