STROM for iPad


pretty sure this happened because I was overzealous when fixing an earlier bug which would save / send twice the desired data instead.

on it.


Ryan ah sorry, I misunderstood your earlier report, thought it meant that you get intermittent failed transfers.


Ha! Go figure! All good brother


it was indeed a dumb divided-by-2 error - fixed for next update.




Awesome! I was assuming it was some sort of math error, but you never really know how hard these things are to fix. Glad it was easy in this case - thanks!


submitted the bugfix update. not sure if it will get through before the holidays! app store processing is closed from 23rd until 27th.

also fixed the non-working wireless pattern gen with SDS Drop when in OB mode. It’s rock fucking solid now - was indeed a midi timing issue. But this SDS Drop update which fixes the issue still needs some work, comes with a nifty new feature, will release early next year :clap:


Yay! I’m so excited! Thanks Void!


1.2.2 is rolling out right now which just fixes that transfer bug. Reticulating the splines. Should be available within an hour or so.

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thanks very much.


I know what I’M doing when I get home :slight_smile:


There’s something really funny to me about an app update where the description calls the bug “silly”.

Thanks Void! I can’t wait to play with this and unleash the raw power of Strom!


My RYTM dilemma -

I’m trying to streamline the process by which I get samples into the RYTM. Basically, at this point it’s too many steps and I lose my thread along the way. I don’t have a mac, so sds is out. Enter strom. I have an iconnect audio interface connected to my iPad and use aum. I’ve tried all sorts of different cabling permutations and in the end can’t get strom to both capture audio and link to the RYTM.
Is anyone successfully using their iPad connected to an audio interface and strom connected to the RYTM at the same time?


look at Nov 14…
I asked the same and by that time it was and I guess still ist, unsupported…
Too bad …
You would still have to connect it directly…


Thanks. It’s always something…


hey! right now the only supported solution is to use a USB hub. Connect the hub to your iPad, connect Rytm and sound card to hub and you’re good.

the next update (this week) will let you choose a MIDI device.

BUT I don’t have an iConnect thing so to be honest I have no idea if it works. It will work as long as the device will cleanly pass through all MIDI data from one port to another. Some devices are not really tested to do this correctly with sysex data, e.g. they use a too small buffer and simply cannot handle the larger Elektron sysex messages for patterns or kits.

speed is also a concern: e.g. if you use a USB-to-DIN MIDI adapter of any sort (other than the TM1) you will get very slow MIDI transmission, which will definitely be noticeable in STROM. I’m not sure about speed with iConnect with USB, but should hopefully be as fast as a direct USB connection.

The best connection you can have is wireless via SDS Drop, it’s the fastest and most robust, plus you don’t need to have a cable plugged to your iPad. 2nd best is direct USB. With 3rd party MIDI adapters results will be all over the place… at best, it’s as good as the direct USB connection. But could as well be poor or not working at all, hence I haven’t opened this route so far.

Anyway. If you like, You could try and find this out for me, e.g. get an app which can send/read sysex and try if the manual sysex dumps from the Rytm work through your iConnect.

e.g. this is a free app which should display sysex dumps:

first connect your Rytm directly with USB, then dump some sysex from the GLOBAL menu. The app should show incoming sysex messages.

Then, try the same thing via iConnect - does it still show the messages?


Would love to help test with an iconnectmidi4+ but won’t have time to get to it for a bit. If someone else helps to test, make sure they have the latest firmware as it was specifically meant to help support large sysex…


Thanks for the tips. Will try the hub. (Thought I had).

Are these images useful?

Edit - the hub totally works. I had done it backwards. This changes everything.


I’ve got an iCM4+ as well. I’ll buy the sample option for Strom and give it a try.

Void: Do you have any specific testing protocol that you’d like to see or is a “success/fail” sufficient?


next version of STROM has options for choosing a custom MIDI interface.

it also tests connection quality based on pattern requests. If the patterns come in, it works.

So basically wait til the update drops, with the current version it’s not possible to use the iConnect!

I’m still tweaking this a bit, but should be ready this week…

to test this right now, you will have to rely on other software which can receive sysex, such as MIDI Wrench… there’s also an app called Sysex Base (10$) which is a basic sysex librarian.

as for protocol: success/fail to/from Rytm is totally sufficient for now!


@Royshade thanks - can you tell me what you did to get these images? I.e. how did you connect your iPad to your Rytm, and what data did you send? Cheers!