STROM for iPad


In the first scenario the RYTM is connected to the ica via USB to the host port on the ica. The iPad is connected via the ica USB to lightning cable. I think this is how it would be set up in an ideal scenario.
In the second it’s iPad - cck - USB - RYTM.
I sent a kit.
RYTM is configured for USB midi only.


ah cool thanks, well looks like data is coming in from the iConnect, but the MIDI Wrench app fails at parsing it… I’m cautiously optimistic that it’ll work out this way… stay tuned for the STROM update!


Patterns via wi-fi still have glitches right? Like: they are sent a few times successfully, then not anymore?

If you will need any more tests done on iConnect I can also help no problem.


aye, wifi patterns are still broken but will be fixed with the next SDS Drop update… cheers, and the upcoming STROM update should hopefully just work with iConnect…


:clap: alrighty :clap: STROM :clap: 1.3.0 :clap: is :clap: out. :clap:

Music Library Import is back in the game. :cd: :loud_sound:

And you can select a MIDI interface.

On the Sampler screen, tap I/O, then MIDI in the top right. After selecting your MIDI interface, the speed test in the bottom gives you a slightly silly speed rating. It periodically tries to read data from your Rytm and measures the time it takes.

Please try this with your iConnect devices!

If you tap on the thing which shows the test, you get to a screen where you can run another test which measures the time it takes to read a full backup from your Rytm. You can use this to test overall speed and stability.

Not that a DIN-MIDI two-way connection technically works but is too slow in practical terms. It is very, very slow, something like 50 times slower than USB. The only interface which is barely ok for this is the TM-1 in TURBO mode. Even this is quite slow compared to a USB connection.

So when connecting with the iConnect, do it like so:
iPad <–[USB]–> iConnect <–[USB]–> Rytm


Thank you for this.

iPad-USB-ica-din/din-rytm passes the connection test. Awesome. Yes, too slow to use but awesome.

I can’t get the ica host port to work though. Don’t think this is a Strom issue though since I can’t get my USB configured rytm to pass clock through the ica din and out to my a4 either. I’m posting this here to see if other Ica users have figured it out. Will email iconnectivity to see what they have to offer as well and will report back.

ICA v1.10


cool thanks for reporting… so ICA 1.10 is the iConnect Audio with latest firmware right?

I’ve no experience with this so not sure what’s going on which prevents this from working - but seemingly their sysex handling isn’t perfect…

Does the iCA also connect to a computer the same way as to an iPad?
If so, might be worth checking if sysex dumps via c6 from and to the Rytm work. I also think it’s not an issue with STROM, but just to check…


ICM4+ running firmware 1.0.5 here. Connectivity from iPad to iCM4+ (Port #1) on the front panel and Rytm is connected (USB=MIDI Only) to the USB host jack (no hub). Strom does not detect Rytm.

It’s very possible that I’m doing something wrong on my end but don’t have a lot of time to test tonight. Will check again tomorrow when I have more time.


Void mentions it above but I neglected to select the port inside of storms midi menu. I still have an issue, but like I said I don’t think its stroms problem yet.


I also tested this combination quite a bit. Honestly, I think the master solution to all of this will be when SDS Drop gets update and wi-fi works 100%. What else could you possibly want (in case you have wi-fi in studio of course). More music, less problems.


^ yep. I personally use the wifi connection 99% of the time.

I mean there are people without a Mac (even if it’s just temporary, e.g. not in the studio) and in that case the CCK/USB is definitely the best option.

You can still totally connect other things to your Rytm’s DIN MIDI input for Sync & control, and record with an audio interface to your iPad - all you need is a powered USB hub.

So… stay tuned for the SDS update, it’s a good one! Unfortunately I started some work on a feature which isn’t quite done yet, so I can’t roll out a version which only fixes that Overbridge sysex communication stability right now… just… stay tuned. :slight_smile:


Hello Void,

Does the sampler have any type of zero cross detecting algorithm built in for chopping breaks and such?



yes it does, but frankly it’s not fantastic, i.e. please don’t expect it to perfectly slice your beats. It works ok with microphone input though.

But if you load in a loop of any sort which fits into a grid, you can quite easily chop it into equal-spaced segments.


Is it possible to just randomize the performance and scenes? That would be very cool. I always hate setting up those on the rytm itself


not at the moment… I agree though, never using macros/scenes myself, though they have a lot of potential…

I’ve experimented with randomizing them before STROM’s release, but didn’t get any good results. It’s not a problem technically, just the results were quite mediocre most of the time…

it just seems that they work better with some parameters than others, and of course it also depends on what kind of sounds are used and the effect you’re after… some deliberation is necessary.

I can look into it though, been a while since I touched these macros myself… maybe some shortcuts for editing them would be nice?

dunno. I’m all ears to suggestions!

one thing which is nice and works, but not released yet, is a thing which “flattens” macros… e.g. When you press a thing, it looks at the current macro modulation and applies it to the kit, then deletes the macro.

you guys want that?

edit: one thing I wanted to try, but haven’t yet, is a different way of editing them. E.g. press a live-record button in the app, then just edit the kit parameters normally, when you’re happy hit stop and it will turn the tweaks you made into a macro/scene?

how bout that?


I have a few ideas about it to keep it controllable:

  • A mode where you could pick params, and use those randomly on the scenes/performance pads. For instance, I choose cutoff, reverb amount, bitcrush, synth param 1 (as this can differ for each synth type), etc.
    Per pad, randomly assign 1 or more of those params with random depths. It could keep the relation between pads and tracks, eg. lower left controls BD track params, pad next to it SD etc, but every scene/macro has different set of params.

  • A mode where you pick a few parameters, and add those to every performance/scene macro. For instance, I pick delay amout and cutoff, then apply it to every performance pad. Pressing the lower left would lower the cutoff and raise the delay on BD, The pad next to it does the same for SD etc.


first of all: thank you for this wonderful plug-in!

I read through the posts of void and havent found the following “bug/issue”.

I am using strom on a ipad pro running ios 10.2
connecting to a macbook pro via iconnect midi2.
recording in ableton live.

the isssue i am having is:

if the rytm recieves a clock from ableton and i change the pattern by pressing e.g. “euclidean pattern” the pattern changes as app-intended, but the sequence within rytm stops, so i got to press play again.

As far as my 30 min research has brought me, there is no manual yet, correct? :slight_smile:



correct, no manual yet
hangs head in shame

ok that’s a strange issue. IIRC someone had this some time ago, I’ll have to look into the cause.

Where is the iConnect in your setup? Between AR and iPad? And Ableton MIDI also goes into the iConnect? USB or DIN MIDI?

Could be that the data is mangled in your interface, or it’s a bug in the Rytm.

Think I personally only tested it with Rytm getting clock via DIN, and STROM/sysex things via USB and have no problems with this.


Thanks for the fast reply.

the AR gets the clock via the usb.
In AR:
-overbridge function is off though
-midi and transport receive is on
In Live:
-midi Track/Sync/remote goes to AR via USB.
(maybe there is the problem / i will look if i have another midi cable and test it with midi over 5pin)

AR aswell as (the ipad via…) Iconncect are conncected to the same powered usb-hub.

i only have the app since a few hours. it took me a little to figure out how to run it in my setup. but since it´s running i´m having great fun. i would love to write a review on it, but first i want to have a full understanding of the functions. Would be very glad for support. I am trying out, reading and trying to understand your past posts first, so you don´t have to repeat anything.


half-solved: If the AR doesn´t receive a clock/control signals per usb, but per din, there is no issue!


ok, i got it figured out so far.
for everyone coming after me here the collected information out of this thread aka. the current manual as pdf:

and i got the next issue. :slight_smile: :unamused:

the shift function in the pattern view don´t work for me.


i select
-full range
-BD and SD
-BD active trig on 1, SD active trig on 2
-push right arrow in strom
/bd moves /sd stays where it was


i select
-full range
-select CH and OH
-CH active trigs 1,5,9,13 / OH active trigs 3,7,11,15
-push up bottom
/ CH active trig on 1 moves up to OH / all the rest of the active trigs don´t move

any suggestions?