Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


I consider this whole overbridge mess a really bad business practise
and false advertisement and no real progress - considering that a beta phase should have happened almost two years ago - as elektron decided to put overbridge on the inital package and is still advertising it as PART of the digitakt delvery content.

Starting a beta phase a few weeks ago is nothing but a helpless effort to calm down the customers…

I do not need overbridge but what I need and want is to trust a company and this here is a bad bad example of business practise and should be punished through law.
elektron can be thankful to be a small business and is not getting recognized by the officials…
But I hope their sales take a deep dive as customers turn away from them as they are not offering any excuse in terms of refund… not even after that long time… I stopped being active here some time ago as I got bored by elektron and to be honest I got angry over them and that is not good emotion when it comes to use their stuff… so I don’t use them anymore…


What is this about two years ago?


Im sorry but, OB will not make you a better musician.
You can still make tunes without.

Make music not war :slight_smile:


Who knows. but it will be better, and maybe have some features that rectify the OB dumpster fire


The beta started something like 20 days ago or less…
Also, did you register to the beta ?


The beta began on July 12

The reason it has taken a while is because there is no timeline for the beta.
A seed is released. Feedback is given. Code is changed, rinse repeat.

If you want a timeline or a promise of dates of completion, look elsewhere.

So that sums up the current status of OB = windows driver still in Beta. OS X driver to follow. Then the VST/AU side of the package. Again. No timeline.

Is there really anything else of substance to say?


Even with OB in it’s current state I still really want a DT again. I miss that little box. Hopefully one day.


it is a very cool and useful box, notwithstanding the flaming turd that is Overbridge


Refund for what exactly? You got a great product, working fine without OB.
Sure :3lektron: failed hard when announcing sth that was not yet ready. But nontheless, tje boxes work great as they do so I really do not get the point of wanting a refund.
Wishing them to fail hard: what kind of human being are you? There are real people behind these products, working their ass off to provide you with top notch gear. Wanting them to fail means men and women losing their jobs, families not having income.
You should reconsider your wishes.

To those who think betatesting sth lile OB would take 2 weeks: lean back, OB beta is in stage one of at least three. Win drivers are the part currently tested. Albeit pretty stable, the bugs that still show up in some setups need to be wiped.
Then comes mac driver testing. I am sure Apple will do their part of breaking OB for Mac again when releasing neyt OSX.
When both OS’ drivers work 100%, testing the plugins will take up time as well.
I have no further insight, I am not in tje testing team but common sense tells me: OB will hit the road not before 4Q2018, maybe even November.

This has to be solid, stage ready. No one wants OB to be half baked, so give them the time they need. They will deliver, as always. Most cases they do overdeliver.


There are also real people buying these products. I need to feed my family too and I spent lot of money on Elektron boxes expecting them to work as audio interfaces as this feature was what Elektron advertised them with.

Since Elektron is not able to deliver what they promise, I need to spend more money to buy separate audio interface from some company that actually knows how to make them.

I hope you see how that can create negative feelings towards Elektron? I feel Elektron owes me what my audio interface cost as I was already supposed to get that functionality when I gave my money to them.


Unless Digitakt is your first instrument, how were you able to record stuff before buying it?

Most people aspiring to be musicians already have a dedicated audio interface. I have 6 elektron boxes and I’ve never felt any need to complain for them not working as audio interfaces because I have a Tascam audio interface that cost me a whopping 120euros and it has 16 inputs which is more than enough for all my synths.

I do understand the dissappointment of not having Overbridge released yet, but the software really isn’t needed for enjoying the instruments or using them to their full potential. I guess it’s a matter of prioritising. In the time we’ve all spent arguing this old and tired subject we could’ve all made a lot of music with our expensive equipment.


…needs to stop pressing buttons here…and start pressing buttons on their gear.


I am upset too about the overbridge delay, but bro you are talking a complete nonsense. Elektron as a company do not manufacture audio interfaces, that’s a added functionality, so please stop spam :wink:


I disagree. They make devices that work as audio interfaces according to their advertising. Is it wrong to expect them to work as audio interfaces then?


It seems weird to buy one and thinking you would have that as your only audio interface. Can’t even use mics with it


Sorry if it seems weird to you, but I come from ITB world where I didn’t need separate audio interface. My music also doesn’t have vocals so I don’t need mics either.


No, but you know, you can sample stuff into it. Mics are great for that.


“They can work as”, but that’s not the main function. I bought AR MK2 because i need a drum machine, not a sampler if u know what i mean.


I really don’t know what you mean. Do you mean that even though Elektron advertises that their devices work as audio interfaces, it’s wrong to expect that they do?

And if someone complains about this, it’s ”complete nonsense” like you commented earlier?