Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


It doesn’t have serious problems. It works fine. I wonder why you keep coming to that conclusion tbh.

The reason it’s not released to public has been given already: OB will be released as a whole. :slight_smile: and logically so.

No reason to keep talking in circles. It is what it is. The beta is released in phases, the official release won’t be (AFAIK).

In the beta topic it is requested to share test information within the topic to keep it centralized. Sharing information on how the driver performs etc. Is ok to share. Before I did the video I asked Olle if it was okay to release it :slight_smile:


I keep coming back to that conclusion because I really can’t understand why they can’t release a working driver to their paying customers if they have it. Especially as they have already made their customers wait for far too long.

Where has this been stated? And what’s logical about it?

If someone who has paid good money for mk2 device needs OB audio interface functionality, why should Elektron refuse to give them a working driver?


It’s logical because it is a beta. Needs to be tested in combination with the suite too.


I don’t see how releasing a working driver would prevent them from doing this.


I understand you don’t understand. It is just what it is. :slight_smile:


Yeah, and it sucks. There is no reason not to release a working driver to paying customers.


What disappointed me about the closed beta is that Elektron was not interested in the upcoming macOS Mojave 10.14 that is going to be released next month.

So far Ableton Live 10 works fine on macOS Mojave 10.14. Lets hope this would be the same case with Overbridge 2.0 soon.


You’ve based your assumption on what exactly?


It’s such a drag waiting. At least Elektron didn’t go through with their initial plan to charge $100US (yet)


Yep, Elektron doesn’t mind having their customers effectively beta test their RYTM mkii units out in the field, but OB is somehow invite only, top secret. For me the situation was too much, so I sold. With tons of gear out there to use, I saw no reason to wait my best years on OB.


can you calm down!?
there are plenty of reasons for not releasing parts of an environment like OB!

and for sure they will not be released if you do further claiming!

many of us in here have experienced months and even years of waiting periods, as elektron user you get used to, sadly but …

so be patient elektronaut!
they will come and they will be successfull :wink:


Its called QA. It must be done. And because of that you must be patient.


all this says is for beta testers to keep discussions of the beta in this forum, so as to keep it organized in one place. says nothing about discussing features or functionality of the beta with non beta testers outside of the OB2B category.

that’s how i read it. otherwise @davemech would have been penalized for posting a video. /hello


Do you have to be in a special “CLCK” to beta test Elektron software? Applied myself but heard nada lol


This isn’t the “closed Overbridge 2.0 Beta category” tho, is it?
Dave asked in advance if he could do a video. I said they REQUESTED - not demanded - to keep discussions regarding the beta in the closed thread. We weren’t forced to sign an NDA.


According to davemech and other testers, it works fine. So seems QA is already done for the driver.
Why not release it to people that have been patient for one and a half years already? Why only let small group use it?


Many individuals in this thread have given you plausible explanations for this. If those explainatuons don’t appease your questioning, I’d suggest emailing elektron through their official site and asking them directly.


I asked Elektron because it was not on the intake form for the closed beta.


Not really. You said that it’s because Mac people would get angry if Windows users get working driver first - let’s face it, that is just silly.

Other people like davemech have mostly resorted to just saying ”it is what it is” - Sazi commented ”how the hell should we know”. That’s not very plausible in my opinion…

Also, Elektron reads this forum too so I shouldn’t need to mail them I guess. They can comment directly in this thread.


No Dave said it will be released as a whole.

I told you because they are still working out windows bugs AND they don’t want to alienate their Mac user base. It’s not silly to not want to alienate the Mac user base as over bridge applications were 75% for Mac. I’m on windows, yet somehow I’m grasps this concept.

Others have provided plausible explanations through the many times you have as this as well but you read, respond, and quote quite selectively.

Many times through many threads by elektron employees it has been stated this forum is not the official path to communication with elektron. If you are choosing not to use official channels for obtaining an explanation, that is ultimately your choice.