Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


Well how do you know they won’t release the driver without the plugin suite then?


I’m really good at guessing


You may very well be.

I just think it’s silly that they seem to have a well working driver for Windows but they refuse to release it even though people have waited for one and a half years for it already…


I would’ve guessed you felt that way aswell.


Cause it doesn’t work fully. Still people reporting bugs. You asked someone what bugs, so obviously you caught that.


Nothing is ever perfect. At some point they need to accept that it’s good enough (and it would be about time!). Minor bugs should not prevent release.

That’s why I asked, what bugs in the current Windows driver are so serious that they can’t release it?


Having been out of the Elektron loop for a few months, I upgraded to the latest version of Overbridge and upgraded my Analog Keys and Analog Rytm to the latest firmware. Of course, I saw the warning, but misread it as everything just needing to be on the latest version to be compatible – because what crazy company would issue software and firmware that breaks core functionality without explaining why or for how long?

I assume it’s to do with Overbridge 2.0, but damn - only making device firmware for that available to 2.0 beta testers would be sensible, surely?

So (this may have been answered in the past, but a search doesn’t uncover it), when will Overbridge work with my gear again? Pretty crazy of them to break it, even with a warning.


miles (or kilometers i guess) to go i think


That’s absolutely insane product management! Bizarre. Incomprehensible. Yes, the warning says to back up in case you want to downgrade, but how about separating core feature updates and bug fixes from compatibility with beta software that won’t be available for months?! sigh


Overbridge will work with your gear again once Overbridge 2.0 is out of beta. No idea when that will be, but if they’re smart, they’ll press for it to happen before the Christmas shopping season gets under way.


OB beta started about a month ago, but the only thing in closed testing so far is the Windows I/O driver.


nothing is broken. Just spend 40 seconds for downgrading your gear and you are good to go again


Doesn’t the downgrade wipe all saved patches etc? The notes seem to suggest that. I didn’t back up before upgrading (I know, I know!).


I believe the reason they say to back up the projects before the upgrade is that if you happen to save a project under the new firmware it will then be incompatible if you downgrade.


Ah, thanks. I still think the communication around this could have been a lot better, but good to know I can roll back.


The weird thing is that they already have a working Windows driver for OB2.0 but they are not releasing it for everyone… and not communicating why that is or when the release might happen.


It’s not weird… The driver is part of a suite… The driver are still getting reports of bugs… It’s still in phase 1 of the beta… There will be atleast 3 more phases of the beta (probably more)… Elektron requested that people invited to the beta does not discuss the beta in public… You sound like a broken record.


Actually Olle from Elektron stated on this very thread that it’s fine to discuss the beta:

Sazi, why do you feel the need to make up stuff? It’s not good for the discussion.


Not making stuff up


Ok, fair enough. Seems Olle contradicts himself a bit in this thread and the thread you quoted.

Anyway, sorry for sounding like a broken record, but there would be no need for it if Elektron communicated more about the status. Davemech gave nothing but praise for the driver and that’s why I assumed it works. Disappointing to hear that it still has some serious problems.

I wonder if it will ever work properly, probably not.