Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


There isn’t much to share beyond that really. There’s a dedicated topic for beta testers which is pretty quiet as well at the moment. Consider it good news :slight_smile:


I’ve checked out the driver for audio streaming on my secondary Windows machine with Ableton Live 10 and it does what it says on the box. Latency is significantly improved over OB 1. At this point there’s neither a macOS driver nor any of the plugins. Overall I’m a lot more optimistic with regards to things coming together in the end than I used to be until a few weeks ago, I also expect it’ll be a while until we see the full OB suite, plugins and all.


what they said I reckon - probably no-one’s talking about it much because basically it works.
DaveMech’s video really covers it very well!


If it works, why is it not released to everyone?


well it’s just the Windows driver - not the Mac Driver or the plug in.

And there are bug reports from some people - fixing those is the whole point of the beta testing I guess.
I should have said “for a lot of people the bit being tested works”

have edited, because I can see the way I put it could be a bit enraging considering the wait. my mistake.


I am sure there are plenty of Windows users that would be happy with a working Windows driver.


Stirring things up again in another thread? You’re pretty trollish dude. The driver is in beta testing, and OB will be released to everyone before long.


Yes the Mac user base would really love if only the windows drive was released currently. Because of the massive delay Everyone has to be appeased at this point. It’s unfortunate but that’s the boat elektron put themselves in


So they need to delay releasing a working Windows driver if Mac driver doesn’t work?


See rest of post you quoted.

Additionally, Ollie informed that 75% of the applicants for overbridge beta testing were Mac users. I doubt elektron want to lose that userbase by releasing the windows driver (without the plugin as well, as that doesn’t seem to be testing yet) ahead of the Mac release. It’s a risk I don’t see being taken.


well it isn’t “working” I guess, as it’s in beta.
It works, in part, for some people.

I shouldn’t have said “It’s working” I realise that’s hugely frustrating.


Have you watched the video by davemech and read the comments by other testers? Seems it’s working fine.


Elektron: Finally!!! Everything with OB is working perfectly!!! Absolutely NO issues!!!

Customer: So can we have it?

Elektron: Nah.


Sorry, I was joking, I should have made it more obvious… it was my response to Lemons. It doesn’t make any sense for everything to be just fine & ready to go, yet Elektron just doesn’t want to release it. I guess anything is possible, but I don’t see it.

I would say things are still being worked out, which is why it hasn’t been released yet.


The windows driver is still in beta. It works for most people, but there are still some people reporting minor bugs.


What kind of bugs are there still in the Windows driver that prevent releasing it?


this is killing me! can we please get an ETA on the release? will it at least be by November?


Pink and yellow, but mostly inflatable and stylish ones.

They’re not gonna release the driver without the plugin suite, and they have not claimed otherwise. We’re still in phase 1 of testing.


Why not, if it works?


How on earth would we know?