Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]



And THANKS dev team for getting us here! The closed beta is finally here, cant await final release so the complaining stops and manners return.


r u sure about that?


I wonder if some people are starting to feel silly about raging over the past week that OB is abandonware.

Probs not.


OB is still late for almost a year and we still don’t have eta for public release. Unfortunately it’s not time to feel silly yet… also the term many have used is vaporware, which is different from abandonware.

That said, I think it is good that the closed beta starts and hopefully it means OB will be stable enough for a public release soon - wouldn’t get my hopes up for a public release in the near future though.


I think many people in this thread should have felt silly immediately, but maybe that’s just me.


The first Overbridge took over a year to be released after it was announced. It had (I think) 3 working updated versions up to 1.15. v1.15 came out 14 December 2016. There have been no updates since. To date, 569 days.

The second Overbridge doesn’t exist yet. Count me among the people that think this is a bit justified.


You missed the end of the quote there :pl:

Happy announcement day everyone!


I just want to say it’s almost Tuesday, can we lighten up a bit (to the sticks in the mud)?

Hey, what’s brown and sticky?

A Stick!!!


So… has the beta started already? How does OB2 look and work in its current state?


Latest update is here


I haven’t received an invite but I assume the beta testers will have to sign a NDA or similar, so I am not sure if this kind of information will be found in this forum :open_mouth:


Really? I would understand NDA if it was a private beta (which has probably been going on for some time already) but they have publicly announced this beta for their normal customers so it would make sense to let people tell about how well OB2 works and even post videos etc in Youtube about it.


According to some folks on the Digitakt Facebook group, testing has begun. First round is for Windows 10 users (for the most part) and no NDA. A reply from Olle in the comments:

We wrote the following in the Welcome Letter regarding this:
“As a member of the beta team you are being trusted not to forward the software to others and be humble in your communication. You are not under a non-disclosure agreement but we kindly ask that you state very clearly that the release is in a beta stage in your communication with others.”


But it is a private beta, because not everyone who wants can freely join. Just anouncing it via a public forum doesn’t make it public.


Just ignore it :slight_smile: I said I assume that because I know if from other beta tests… a.colella30 has the right answer :slight_smile:


Yes, feel free to talk about it. I’ve heard that one of the testers might be planning a video as well.


Closed beta is different than private/internal beta. Though the terms can be used differently by different people I guess…


Am I missing something or is no one talking about it?


Dave Mech has a video up on YouTube talking about the first phase of the beta testing.


Yeah I saw it but that’s it? Nobody here to share their experiences with the beta on Windows?