Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


That is to say, they will do absolutely nothing. The biggest rub for me is that they are completely unwilling to give even an inch to atone for any of their shortcomings. It’s as if they feel they’ve done no wrong. CEO has his head in the clouds. Meanwhile Elektron can’t even post a single thing anywhere on social media without at least a few people, if not more complaining about when Overbridge is coming. Until they do SOMETHING tangible (feature udpates, free sounds packs…SOMETHING) as compensation for under delivering their promised product people will continue to be angry and their brand will continue to lose popularity. As it stands, where once it was hard for the local music shop to even keep stock of their product, now their shelves are filled. The writing is on the wall.


Is it perhaps likely that they can give us individual outs over usb before overbridge? Or is that going to be an all or nothing type of thing?

Thats really all i want. I could care less about the software editor etc.


At this point it needs to be an all or nothing because of how many units are tied in to overbridge. Releasing x feature would leave some people feeling like overbridge issues were not fixed for them as everyone is waiting for different features that have been tied into and are reliant on overbridge.


I think they handle individual cases differently from the general problem. You might still be right, but in my experience they’ve handled all the issues I ever had very goal oriented and to my complete satisfaction.


I think that’s very unlikely and I assume that audio streaming is at the heart of the problem, not the software editor side of things.


If the issues in first OB are any indication, reliability of the audio-over-usb feature is one of the most challenging things for OB. Personally, I suspect it’s because Elektron has chosen too low quality usb chipsets and/or cpu’s for their devices.


The sooner they announce that they are abandoning the Overbridge project, the better for everyone.


Not a bad idea. Kind of safe mode working on different platforms / OS…


The issue with that is the way overbridge works is it is a program through which the audio is streamed independent of your audio interface. They could release a audio interface driver pretty quickly, but in order to get those channels into your daw without something like asio4all or soundflower you’d also need to let it be your audio interface. Which means you couldn’t get multiple devices streaming. I think this is what they haven’t released just the driver.


They’ve been very good at resolving technical issues and poor to completely ignoring any customer service issues. That’s been my experience with tickets.


Usb 2 was a mistake for mkii imo. You may not need the extra speed but the chipsets give you more bandwidth to work with.


I would say the Octatrack is a pro Digitakt no need for it


Starting to agree with this. Use the manpower to update features on the devices instead. Back in the days companies made expansions/breakout boxes for extra outputs. Why aren’t hw companies doing this anymore? Since multiple out via USB ha become the new standard leaving only stereo out for us that prefer not to use the dongle called computer. I could care less for software editor as well.


I think it’s cause this is supposed to be the future where everything is slick and seamlessly connected by one single stylish wire but it clearly doesn’t work and there’s still wires fucking everywhere anyway


I can see that. But I’m going to have to disagree. I think a Digitakt mkII with individual outs would be very welcome on the market. Some people like a more stripped-down machine without a cluttered interface and a billion features they’ll never use. I think the success of the Digitakt speaks to this. It’s already a nice machine but could be even better, or more well-rounded, with a few improvements - most of all, in my opinion - free it from OverBridge dependency with separate outs.


I’ve been pretty chill about this whole Overbridge thing, but a Digitakt MK2 would not be cool with me at all. I’d be very, very disappointed that my new groovebox is essentially obsolete.

EDIT: I’d have no problems with an MK2 in a few years, just having one announced now would be annoying.


How is it ebsolete only bc a new one comes?
My OT is old. My MD is old. My MnM is old, even the virus Ti is. But obsolete?



We’ll be obsolete before.


Well, I certainly have no idea about Elektron’s plans or timelines, but I’d say a mkII would fall in line with company history. There have been mkII’s of MD, MnM, OT, A4, AR, right?

Do you mean a mkII period? Or a mkII within a certain amount of time?


I have no problems with using old gear at all. I use an Analog Four MK1 and I love the Monomachine.

Ditching an MK1 after only a year definitely rubs me up the wrong way though. I’d prefer it if boxes were given time to mature before they were refreshed- it’s a bit rubbish to spend £600 on a machine just to have a better one come out 12 months later.

I’d love an MK2 in around 2020, but before would be a bit of a kick in the teeth to all of us who bought the DT.