Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


Not really because very few developers are in a position where they set their own deadlines or where they have meaningful input when deadlines get set.


While I agree with your last point, there’s also just expressing disappointment. And that’s OK.


Are you a lawyer?


If this would have been the first delay then that would be valid but we all know that’s not the case. We can go on forever about this but in the end there’s still no OB. We are on the same side of the fence if you have not yet figured that out.

We only speculate because we don’t know what happened, pushing the date forward is not keeping us in the loop, that’s actually keeping us OUT of the loop of information. Now we don’t know anything about when, how, what.


Completely agree. Am I disappointed? Yeah, of course I am! But at the end of the day, there really isn’t much I can do and I appreciate the updates.

This type of negativity isn’t unique to Elektron at all - I see it all the time when companies have to put their hands up and admit they made a mistake. In the past few years, I’ve seen the same thing happen with Sony, Nintendo, Korg, Apple, Google, the SEO software I use at work and much more. Software updates are delayed all the time. It’s unfortunate, but that’s what happens.

It’ll be here when it gets here. Selling the unit is always an option.


I think you’re seeing disagreement from me where there is none. I am not defending Elektron in this, I am just trying to help those frustrated understand why this keeps happening.


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That’s the thing…speaking for myself, the situation pisses me off because I love the machine so much. It’s a fantastic drum machine, so slick and immediate to program. But a single stereo out cripples it to a tragic extent. I don’t want to get rid of it, I just want to stop being teased by it. Dumping individual tracks with hard panning is ridiculous to anyone who’s the least bit busy in life.


This is not the devs fault, it’s marketing and the executive team. They made the decision to push for something for NAMM, and perhaps their sales numbers indicate that whatever they do, when they release products people will buy it. They need that to make money. To merely exist as a company.

Furthermore, most Elektron product owners cannot possibly be professionals, there just aren’t that many people making music with hardware toys for a living. Most professional electronic musicians are using laptops live anyway, and sound designers will use computers too.

Most people buying musical equipment, which is already worldwide an incredibly small niche market (let alone for sampler/sequencers, I’m not talking about Blue Microphones Snowball or Fender Squier Stratocasters, which EVEN then maybe sell a few thousand a year). The margins are terrible. The consumers are eggheads who expect everything. Audio companies are constantly going out of business. NONE OF YOU SEEM TO BE IN THIS BUSINESS!!

Do you have any idea how much it costs to pay ONE person, and the taxes involved? In a country like Sweden?

It is nothing short of a miracle that a company like Elektron is able to exist at all.

Frankly, who gives a fuck if Overbridge ever comes out? If it does, cool. If it doesn’t, so what?


This is not something you can magically turn on. It will require some major software development as well.

Also note that most instruments who offer this are not using USB class compliant audio, but their own protocol requiring their own drivers.


no I am not. But I regeret somehow :slight_smile:


This old song. Look, this isn’t the tsunami relief forum, it’s elektronauts, a forum about products from elektron. And a thread about another delay to important functionality for relatively expensive gear. This is the actual best place to bitch about this stuff.


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Transparency is good… but as stated by a few others earlier in this post, it is written on the box that this product is “overbridge enabled” since the product shipped first in early summer 2017 (photo of by own unit bought in July 2017 below)… we are now in Febraury 2018 and no real release date for Overbridge has been provided. Disappointed.

What is Elektron planning to provide users who bought this device based on the promissed and not delivered feature ? (it does not say “overbridge will come later” on the box… is says “OVERBRIDGE ENABLED”)


You are mistaken, or more likely a bit confused. You need to install OB before you can use the Mk1 machines as an audio interface.


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Pathetic. Not surprising, but still…


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“Overbridge Enabled” is the new “HD Ready”… :slight_smile:


Seriously! I’m pretty much an Elektron fanboy- but missing every one of their estimates in regards to the Digitakt is pretty poor form.

I’ve defended Elektron from the outrage multiple times on this forum, and I still love Elektron- but this is pretty bad…