Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


but does it have Blast Processing?


Not sure telling people to sell their gear because Elektron are unable to fulfill their own retail promises is all that constructive really.


I’m truly interested as to hear why we got delayed and what actually happened, not sure we will ever find out.

No hard feelings at all, disagreements in general aren’t bad either :wink: Not saying I see a disagreement with you, I understand all your points, but those are no remedy for customers. If software development is hard and deadlines cannot be set/met then how on earth do we get other software update not 1 year later? (sometime we get them even later) We are discussing to make this company better, not worse, even if it means saying things they don’t want to hear.

:+1: Of course it’s the company and it’s philosophy/ideology that is responsible for that and which should have the reality check, you can’t just expect that OB will code itself.


Completely agreed.

This is Elektron we’re talking about, not Apple. They’re a niche within the niche market of synth enthusiast. Even then, I’d be willing to bet a huge chunk of Elektron owners buy second hand, which doesn’t give the company any revenue at all.


Yeah, I love my DT, but there should be room for criticising the company for broken promises without being obliged to sell your gear, or being wished natural disasters upon. This is not the biggest thing going on in my life, but would you know, this might not be the forum to discuss mine or others bigger problems. Elektron stuff is pretty apropos in here.


I would be more inclined to agree with this, whatever will be-attitude if it hadn’t been promised for so long, was a selling point, and worst of all, seems integral to the gosh darn machines ability to back up. If they had stuck a removable SD-card like the OT in this, or some other backup opportunity, people might not be so discouraged by this.


Except that some people sell their elektron to buy the new elektron… so of course elektron get money thanx to second hand market, imho


I am speculating, but I think part of the problem is that OS developers have seriously changed the protocol for the USB ports given the increasing prevalence of USB3/Thunderbolt. I noticed a serious decrease in OB performance (even with overhub, MUCH less bandwidth) once I updated to High Sierra. It has to do with how it registers USB 1.1/USB2.

Elektron has to work around the new protocols from Apple and Microsoft and they have to do it in such a way that it won’t break the next time Apple/Microsoft updates their OS.

Like I said, I am speculating, but I think this is part of the problem.


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I bet you’re right on this!


Are you insinuating that I am less of a consumer than a “professional”?

If Elektron choses to run a business, shouldn’t they respect good business practices?

If they’ve made multiple claims that x product will have y features by z date, and then z1 date, and then sometime- should people not be upset?

Or perhaps we should just be grateful that a company is opting to take our money?

Or perhaps my opinion means less along with my money on account that I’m not a professional musician


I just find it borderline ludicrous that folks are getting their knickers in a twist about this enough to mention suing. Come one, seriously?!

Of course the whole thing is disappointing but Overbridge has been pretty disappointing long before the DT arrived (performance wasn’t particularly great). If people bought DT on a promise of OB then more fool them.


OB on the A4mk1 was amazing.


I disagree. I had various connection issues and stability problems. Same happened with my AR and AK. I could use them but none of my OB experiences have been ideal.


i dont find it borderline it was advertised, its not here and was a sale argument.


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they are not a niche or boutique anymore … anyone know elektron now not the silver age anymore…pfiooo


Same. USB streaming and librarian functions for samples / projects are all I need. No interest in automation I could do more quickly via MIDI or the built in sequencer.


this is upper management’s fault for prioritizing new products over finishing existing ones. And maybe ultimately its our fault because how many of us are lusting over every new Elektron product despite the decrease in quality control and unfinished features. Money talks. ultimately we love their products enough to put up with this stuff despite our complaining


thats it. cannot understand why people buy the digitone… thats just encouraging this… pfff