Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]



Predicting schedules , locking features , test plans , working amongst a team of 100’s across multiple platforms with many millions of $$$
Games often slip and need patches but aren’t years late very often.

Scheduling is very possible if the info is kept up to date and evaluated regularly. People often blame ’ the management / suits ’ but it’s not so straightforward

I do know one thing , being part of a dev team and reading threads like this isn’t fun , any delay knocks morale whether it’s from your co workers or ill informed internet warriors. I’m sure they’re working hard .

But this forum is here to share opinions so it goes with the territory.


Maybe this will reduce the price of used Digitakts :slight_smile:


I’ll forgive Elektron if the update comes out March 1st :slight_smile:


Not surprised, but no way to not be disappointed. I’m one of the relatively few vocal proponents of OB and have been using it constantly (last few months in particular, working on an album). I have mark 1 machines. But it is buggy, and I’ve been waiting to upgrade OS, OB, ableton etc when my current work is complete. Looks like OB will not be part of the process and I’ll lose it for sure with the High Sierra move.

I’ve observed things here for some time now and can read between the lines (ie no new time estimate given) that we won’t likely see this until much further in the year. If even that.

But one thing that’s been said which bears repeating. PLEASE REMOVE THE “SEEMLESS INTEGRATION WITH OB” copy from your website for the mark 2 machines. I love Elektron dearly, but it’s making them look slimy.


Pleased to see increased transparency and openness with regards to updates.

But think expectation management is the problem here, IMO if it was stated when DT was released; that OB was coming for DT but not anytime soon. Then users could work around it, and like me when it comes to Digitone, choose to buy when OB is released.
But to buy based on the fact that it’s coming in month A, then month B, etc must be frustrating. Particularly when there are concerns of losing work/time. Sure for a lot of people individually tracking each part from the DT into your DAW is fine. But for me, and the reason why I won’t be buying Digitone until OB is released for it, is that I track all machines as one take, due to preferring to capture it all as a single performance.

Very much looking forward to Digitone’s OB being released, and will purchase when it does. But really feel for DT users here!


Elektron has a hard stand legally spoken right now. They advertising since a year products with OB and other features which are not available . This is false advertising and everyone can sue Elektron for this. Every DT owner who is not happy with the current OB situation can give back to Elektron and they have to cash them out in my humble opinion. Then there is the point of warranty, when does it start ? I would say if the product is is complete with the features promised. I also would say DT guarrantee should be prolonged for the time they delayed delivery of OB.


What would suing Elektron accomplish though?

It really sucks that Overbridge isn’t out yet, but taking legal action is a touch extreme. if you’re really unhappy, ask for a refund for your unit. I don’t think you’ll have any legal right to one, but you never know.

Elektron are clearly trying to deliver the features and, while it’s taking more time than I would like, they’re obviously making an effort to update the units with everything that’s been promised. Missing deadlines sucks, but it’s just one of those things in the software development world.

I’ve waited much longer for much more critical updates. Not defending it, but I sympathise with Elektron.


This thread is going to be a hoot for the next few days!


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Setting a fixed deadline really doesn’t magically makes things go faster.

I mean, in my experience (admittedly not in a software context) it does tend to mean that a viable product comes out quicker, but that’s sort of besides the point: I was really just agreeing with you that these things are always inexact.

It quickly gets really hard to explain why things didn’t work out when you’re trying to do so to people who haven’t been there themselves.

I don’t think anyone’s expecting quite that level of forensic detail. To my mind, if Elektron could say something like “We’re making good progress on Overbridge, but getting the latency to an acceptable level has taken us a lot longer than expected. Here’s what we’re doing to address that…” then people would understand that, and a lot of the negativity would dissipate.

I guess from what you’re saying there may be issues specific to software development which make that a totally unrealistic expectation though? I think what’s tricky is that in the absence of fuller information from Elektron we’re all left guessing a bit, even when it comes to the reasons for that lack of information.


I actually think Elektron is pretty good at communicating compared to other companies (AKAI, DSI etc.). But they messed up this one for sure. I was in the preorder of this one. It’s taken so long that Digitakt actually have become obsolete in my setup before i’ve even been able to use it properly. Sure I could record track by track or stereo out but one is to time consuming and the other is to limited for mixing. It’s not about making music or not (just so the defenders won’t jump on me) cause I have other equipment, but i did want the feature set I was sold. Still I kind of wanna try it with Overbridge before I sell but I guess i should just rap it up. After all i haven’t touched it since i got the rytm mk2.

All i’m saying is I think they dropped the ball on this one, I think they know it and I won’t be getting Digitone until much later - if ever - based on my experience with Digitakt. I still think they make fantastic creative instruments but this is not good enough.


Since Ob is free now and no one paid upfront when it wasnt I doubt its legally part of your purchase.


Future products gets released once they are more mature and stable and not in a develping phase at the customer ? Would be good for everyone. Elektrons reputation wwould aslo benfit from it.

I stated only the possibilites that exists. I did not state anywere " I …" fact is that some products released are not finished and deliver what is also printed on the boxes what comes with the maschines. (i.e. use as a soundcard).


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Well new buyers will pay it , indirectly. As the maschine have all gone up around 100 euros . You can be lucky if you find a DT for 630 euros. and then all is correct whatSteven wrote. It does not matter if the company later pulls the plug and offer it for free. even the basic variant does not exist yet. i am sure they deliver . I can onl imagine that the OB version must be buggy and unpleasent to use for quite some time , as they could have realeased OB last year and povide further updates the line.
But i guess they workut the framework for OB and then thy need to adjust the OS on all maschines now with the new framework. and if one of the many old maschines supporting OB have issues somehow, you are stalled on the whole process.


Yep, I have been waiting forever for this famous transfer app for the Rytm.
I must admit i am an Elektron fan (i own 4 machines) but i think thats it for me, im certainly not gonna buy the Rytm MK2…
I’ve bought the A4 mk2 and there is still bugs and no Overbridge for … who know when :frowning:


If they would just give the full 8-channel out over USB, the rest of Overbridge could go right in the dumpster as far as I’m concerned. I don’t buy hardware so I can turn knobs with a mouse.


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Elektron seems overstretched at the moment. Too many things on the go/needing attention and not enough resources.


For me, I’m really looking forward to this forum experiencing yet another tsunami of negativity from people that are unable to appreciate that these things happen.

Second thing I’m looking forward to, is seeing how many people are accused of being fan boys, because they are happy to be patient.

If you’re that upset, sell and move on. If you’re within the time to do so, return to the shop for a full refund.