Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


at this point i want to respect the silence


It’s actually possible since 20 years or more with hexa pickups and midi converters ! :wink:
It can even track mediator position !


Cant car camp with a 2 year old to look after unfortunately. pretty gutted but some things are more important, I’ll get another octatrack


Understand completely, wish you the best…


Its a lot easier to distribute and update software. You also don’t have to deal with manufacturers stopping production of components, changes to the law like ROHS etc


Not to mention when tracking a drum kit, you’ve got 6-8 mics, not two. Guitar is a single instrument, not 4 or 8. A keyboard is also a single instrument. Elektron makes multitrack instruments. You can’t really compare when you’re talking about the necessity of multitracking.


Have you not tried caustic editor?


I have used caustic editor, as well as vosyr.


Nope. 6 or more if you add a hexamic and a midi converter you can have 1 midi channel per string, prog change per zone, CCs…
With 6 drum kits, 6x24 notes = 144 instruments ! :tongue:


9/10 of the requests for new features for DT thread would be very possible with 8 streamed tracks…once OB lands

Creative process is different for everyone…if your happy with the current functionality of your Elektron device thats great…but the DT for example is still not a complete mixing solution in its current state…and needs to be bounced to 8 recorded tracks to eq and create depth…seperation…and pockets for individual instruments in the stereo field…

Maybe your guitar example would work well here…record 8 guitar sounds…make a track with them all playing at the same time and try to not create a in ya face upfront wall of noise with incoherant mud for a bottom end with the limited tool set of the DT…

OB will open up possibilities…and is the reason alot of people bought in…even my crappy akai xr20 has 4 outs enabling enough seperation of a kick and bass…DT was designed with OB in mind and now its not released you hit the point continually where OB was supposed to benifit and have to put tools down and rethink or bounce down to a DAW…:zonked:


Industrial grade software has to deal with similar stuff. External libraries/components/services/apis may go out of support or/and you need to deal with security updates on a quite regular basis. You also need to comply to all kind of regulations (law) like data protection or safety regulations (example: automotive software) which may vary from country to country.

Easier to distribute and update: again it depends completely on the kind of software. Easy to distribute and update holds only true for standalone software which isn’t part of a larger automated system (or which IS the automated system). Ever tried to update the control software of automated warehouses or power plants which consists of a multitude of services?


With a bit of creative production it’s possible to create a good sound on DT. Not perfect no, but it doesn’t have to be a wall of mud at all. Resampling with high and low pass filters, not using too many samples that take up a lot of space etc.

Saying it’s as good as impossible to create a good sound on DT is exaggerating things. Just have to select your samples carefully and use resample to cut away frequency bands to create room.

Having said that, I’m very much waiting eagerly for OB to take it to the next level. A band pass filter would be great as well.


I’m surprised nobody has released a simple python-midi script to sequentially trigger each DT pattern, soloing each track in series and automatically recording each pass to a wav stem.

Set up correctly it could generate an ableton project of stems that plays identically to a chained DT project.

I’d write this myself but I’m too busy reading this forum topic every day :grin:


PM Sent @mokomo


I love my walls of noise and I would not want to change these for the average ableton sh*t everybody seems to be producing these days


You don’t get it, right? Do you see any “Overbridge enabled” stickers on your guitar? No?

Then stop being childish…


how sweet would that be though. that would be cool as fuck. would it be possible to send each dot on a pickup to a separate output? you could do some crazy stuff


We should take bets on how many posts it will be before overbridge is actually released




Beating this one ?