Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


I have a bad habit of rambling in my videos, especially when I’m upset or excited haha. The first 5-7 minutes is the most important I guess, the rest is just ramblings and other examples of why these situations fail without proper communication.


That would be me, homie. I read here a lot but don’t post all too often.


I thought about trading the DT for an OT MKi but honestly I have just been a little bitter with Elektron so I traded it for a Push 2 to get my DAW workflow back up to what I like. I’ll try the OT someday but I’m willing to wait till the MKII’s get ironed out first.


Omfg I just realized. None of my guitars has overbridge! This has to be the reason my music sucks and I’m not able to finish my tracks. Obviously I have to sell them. See you in court, fender!




Like somebody is going to listen to Overbridge enabled music :notes:



Do your guitars still have all advertised features?


Man, if they would release the api and someone wrote drivers so i could get individual tracks into ableton I’d stfu forever since that’s all I really care about.


Exactly. Comparing synths and guitars is asinine. That’s like comparing modern computers with a typewriter.


Totally get it. By the way don’t worry about people criticising it being a 27 minute video, people have been bitching here several times a day for like 6+ months. At least your vid informs people who aren’t already into elektron. Breaks my heart but I think I’m about to sell my OT out of neccesity. it’s that or my maschine mk3 and with what I can do ITB it just doesn’t make sense to get rid of the perfect controller. Really struggling to decide, I love both


All complaining and joking aside… There is :moneybag: to be made with Overbridge and a few or more DT’s.

Time will tell of course and speculating always involves risks… but buying a few mint DT’s from unsatisfied customers and reselling them when OB is ready and rocking the DAW’s as never seen before might result in a nice paycheck.


Arturia annonced it’s Audiofuse Soundcard in 2015, with pre-orders. Released 2 years and a half after !
The next Tuesday 21st is in august ! :slight_smile:


yeah, except very few are actually selling


I left my house and am car camping right now and put all my studio in storage… No way I’d sell any of it…
I’ll make some more money and get another place to setup… :rofl:


Sorry to say that, but that’s completely nonsense. There is hard to design and make hardware and there is hard to design and make software. I’ve done both in my lifetime and neither one is more complicated than the other. It just requires different skill sets.

And, please, don’t compare some easy to develop apps which just mangles some midi or sysex with developing the hardware driver(s) required for OB. That’s a completely different task and a complete different kind of complexity.


WHAT? But then you cannot track the sound of each string separately. What a disaster!



Korg released the sdk for the volca sample as well and development on a proper sample transfer software was left to “the community”. There is still no good solution to manage the volca sample, and korg can pretend it’s not a problem as they have given the task to “the community” by providing the sdk.

In my opinion a large manufacturer like korg having open source projects for things like this is cheating the customers. It’s basically asking paying customers to do the work for them and absolves them of the responsibility of delivering a fully functioning product.

I don’t think it would be a good look for elektron at this point to ask paying customers to do the work for free by open sourcing the project, when there is paid elektron staff that should be handling it.


That’s the one with the heat to fuse a camper? No thanks Arturia, I’ll stick with your Keystep :sunglasses:


Damn, if I am unsatisfied with consumer goods it’s gone in a blink of an eye. No need to complain into the next millenium: it’s a first world little problem or WT£.


…if you watch the other side they do have to wait till op-z kicks in.

elektron goes video with overbridge or something Unity related…or another video engine.

maybe the standalone App comes to IOS aswell and i think we‘ll see an overbridge that has nothing to do with the first approach of overbridge.

this time it‘s getting tight…and inbetween there’s summer. for sure.

stop complaining. every single word has been said so far,repeated too often.