Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


I have the Boss GP10, it’s possible with that. Each string gets its own USB audio channel.


Haha. I just work with what I have now. Patience is a virtue. :wink:




Probably a question for a different thread but here goes - I am wondering how you organize your files for pre/post processing. Do they go to different folders with different tags/names?

I’ve loved your videos where you make whole songs from found sounds, but I’ve been afraid to try it myself for fear of creating a mess of files that will take a day to organize once I am done or I will totally forget what they are. I suppose the new file management software helps with this, but I’d still like to avoid excessive time spent in directories.


I don’t make things too complex. I just record everything and give names in a way I know what they are and from when (in the case of found footage). I leave everything in the recording folder until it gets a bit too full and then put everything in the folders in one go. This way I’m done in 10 minutes in stead doing it for each sample directly after recording. As for folder structure: I have a folder for samples from packs and in there I have folders for one shots, synths, kicks, hihats, claps etc. Then there’s a folder ‘found footage’. And a folder ‘Synths’ where I put samples I record from my modular. I try to create easy to use folder structures and not make things too complicated.

Think that best thing is to not worry too much about it and if it ever becomes a bit of a mess just take 15 minutes to structure everything again :slight_smile: Currently have about 30 samples in the recording folder of both my digitakts. When I hit around 50 samples I tend to clean the folder up .
hope this helps and glad you like the videos :slight_smile:


That is the strangest statement I have ever read on elektronauts.


he was trying to empathize in his 2nd language. Saying he understands the frustration.


Before that strikes fear into the hearts of nauts who haven’t read the entire thread, here’s the context: :joy:


Crisis averted


For 4 years Elektron developed Overbridge and it still causes major delay problems. I don’t see a bright future, so much time and energy so far. Can it be profitable at all?

Personally i only believe in this concept if Overbridge was based on a standardized protocol for all brands. Now it’s like inventing the wheel over and over again. Elektron is not a big company like Apple, Microsoft, Korg, Roland and Yamaha. Why so naive Elektron?

My only hope for Overbridge would be in a form of a big hardware mix hub. Or collaborate with all DAW brands and Apple & Microsoft. The problem with software is that it will always be too soft to fall apart…


Thank you! That’s a great process. I had tried to set up directories inside the recording folder at one point and it got really confusing. Your method is the way to go.


That’s why it’s best to leave statements in the context which they are made. Pulling that quote out the paragraph makes a much different statement than Simon was conveying.


Yep they’ll just put their prices up


I don’t think he does because he’s talking about production continuing when the discussion we’re having is broken promises and lack of accountability. And how the lack of Overbridge affects our workflow.


No they will just make mid tier products that get them more profit. Which I’m all for. The complication of the top of the line models isn’t for everyone. Digitakt was probably one of the best things to happen to the company financially, when though it was the beginning of the loss of their credibility with all the bugs, lack of overbridge and qc issues.


a) Potentially it already is…

b) Core solution that can be applied to any product, and the asset can be leveraged, provides it a long tail / ROI


Shake, shake, paradigm!




I get all the complaints about OB timeline being off, but am surprised by those who cant bring themselves to use their devices because of it - they are still very capable and you can still use/learn/practice any of them until OB is available. Maybe it’s an opportunity to try some straight stereo recordings. It could be an opportunity to learn better how to mix and perform on the device without multitracking. It could be an opportunity to challenge yourself make an entire track with just one sound on one device. It could be an opportunity to throw your arms up in frustration and do absolutely nothing. You have a choice of how to react to the situation - you can be angry and make music.


Let’s hope this is the case and it’s lost in translation. The comment sounded and felt a tad arrogant.