Stand-alone nanoloop hardware!


doesn´t give me the option… seems to be regionally dependant ?! :-/
(located in Germany)


That’s odd, I mean I used visa but I have the visa logo on my card although it’s a current account card, not credit.
Maybe check with your bank, or just try paying using your normal bank card?

Edit- So I just went through to payment on another product and these are the payment options, I’m U.K.


No chance with a regular “Sparkassenkarte”, i had to use my creditcard too.


Wow I can’t believe it’s doubled the funding goal already! Crazy pumped, I’ve been going nuts on nanoloop mono in my excitement.


What are the chances of additional features being added before release? Are things set in stone with Kickstarter campaign once the product is fully backed? Just curious.


From the Kickstarter

"Decent quality button molds add significant tooling costs, production therefore only makes sense for a certain minimum volume. Furthermore, for a device like this, certifications and other paperwork are necessary to meet EU and other regulations.

For these reasons it will be very helpful to know the volume and have initial production funded in advance."

He’s no newbie when it comes to making synthesizers and music software, so I don’t think the kickstarter campaign has anything to do with the features etc. It reads basically like a pre-order.

If it’s anything like the other versions of nanoloop, he will be adding features and modifying the synth engines for years to come. He’s been discussing a few details on the chipmusic forum here:


Wow, so I only just found out about this - must’ve overlooked this thread yesterday - and have to say I’m pretty excited by it. At the price it is, just phenomenal value. Don’t really know a whole lot about Nanloop but do enough to get that this will be right up my street.

As mentioned above, this is a much more tempting alternative than Twisted Electrons forthcoming boxes - the HappiNES L is cool but just a bit too spendy.


Yeah the hapiNES thing is also very limited to stereotypical chip sounds, from what I’ve seen so far. It doesn’t seem to be capable of what many consider the main point of chiptune hardware: exploiting/pushing the limits of the chip to make interesting new sounds. That’s what always makes me come back to nanoloop 2; every time Oliver updates it, there are new exploits to discover.

edit: the uAcid8 sounds/looks great though!


I think the HapiNES could sound really nice out of a chiptune context but only if the four instruments were addressable on different midi channels and then I could foresee some top laughs with the DT and a whole bunch of midi automation. But… it’s just too pricey for what it is. I do have the Mk.II version of the Acid8 which I got for a super keen price a year or two back which I really like. The user editable waveforms are great fun but it’s mildly frustrating that it’s the most interesting variation of each category of wave that you can do that to which leaves the more samey variations still unscathed.

I just listened to the demo video on the Kickstarter page again… there is some really fascinating stuff in there.


I’ve been quenching my gas for this by playing with nanoloop on my iPhone at work, but now I have heartburn :crazy_face:

I’m really hoping that sampling/sampler is added to this hardware version, even if just for resampling the internal sounds.
On the iOS version the sampler really allows you build up an amazing sound design library, even without using the mic etc.


Worth mentioning, too, that it appears to be missing the sampling functions of the iOS / Android versions - pretty cool to record samples or load some in, then tweak and sequence them. This looks fantastic especially for the price! I don’t think anyone should hesitate to pledge. Being strapped for cash and having a long list of cool toys I’d like already, I’m still the target audience for the mobile app for the time being.


Yeah, it’s more of an extension of the GBA (+ mono) version than the mobile versions, which are very different. I’ve asked about custom waves/samples though, as the GBA version is wavetable based, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to implement if it’s based on the same “engine”.


Well I decided to back it, seems like a solid deal… even though I already have nanoloop one and mono, which I haven’t been using enough lately. The black version looks great imo.


Looking like it might hit 100k, certainly 50k, 18 days to go!


I’m really impressed, glad to know there are so many nanoloop users out there. Been using nanoloop mono with a Super Game Boy 2 on a Super NT on the big screen these past few days, pure heaven. Dangerous though, your entire evening can disappear and you may fall asleep on the couch as your loops continue to roll…



Although it’s hardly suspenseful at this point over whether project will be funded. :laughing:


I was like “my son would love this” until I realized I was of course pledging for myself. He may also get a turn at some point…


Ha yep, I’ve had this happen before. I still want to either organise some kind of show or live stream, perhaps with multiple people playing at once, where we have a minimalist jam with whatever copies of nanoloop we can get together, and play until the batteries run out.


Bring on the stretch goals I say. :wink:


yup, that´s what I expected…
no Kickstarter for me, then. :frowning:

I´m not going to get a creditcard (= all sorts of data nastyness and generally not a great idea financially) for something like this.
Haven´t needed one in 30+ years, not going to start now, even if I would love to support this…