Stand-alone nanoloop hardware!


Almost $600 in pledges in less than 30 minutes. Wow!!! I gotta pledge. Probably gonna sell my Cyclone Analogic TT-606 now. Ugh.


This looks cool, but in terms of UI it’s kind of a downgrade from previous versions with a big screen, right? Being able to see note and automation data on each step is surely better than just lights on a grid and a single readout for cursor position.



Bet yeah I get your angle, it’s just so cute and tempting :slightly_smiling_face:


That was my first thought too, but the other versions of nanoloop are so well designed from a user interface standpoint that I think it’s probably going to just be different rather than worse. Can’t imagine he’d design a new product that is a downgrade.


Very dope! Totally hackable too, gonna be sick


Seems like a really cool project. I wish the creator and backers every success.


Of course. :wink:

Will probably be the first thing I back on Kickstarter!


No, nanoloop 2 (2.3 and up specifically, 2.2 and down is a bit different) runs on the Game Boy Advance and uses wavetables at 9-bit (!) resolution iirc. It’s pretty clever, all the FM and filter sweeps are done through table scanning. Sounds great!

(Random tidbit: it is actually possible to run filters in realtime on the GBA)

But this FM (and pulse) is probably different - hopefully a bit more hifi, at least relatively speaking. It will most likely have a nice character of its own.

The 4-bit ‘waveform designer’ you mention is specific to the original Game Boy version (1.x) as it uses the hardware wave channel (4-bit buffer) to play back crude wavetables. (Although it is lovely! Have you tried trash80’s m4l synth inspired by it?)


I love the fm in the vidyo


nearly up to 9k already


Backed. :+1:


Yeah, $5000 in 5 hours. I think I might have to hop on board.

Edit: just pledged, had to take the dive.


An insta-pledge for me. Nanoloop has been a huge source of inspiration for me over the past 4 years or so.

I just hope this has the classic overdrive present in the GBA version :smiley:


This is a very fair price for what you get! I’m not a huge Chiptune producer, but this just looks like so much fun. Super portable and feels good to be a part of the Kickstarter backing.


Nanoloop transcended “chiptune” long ago, imo. You might be surprised at what nanoloop2 (and this new device!) is capable of.


Goal reached and exceeded! :heat:


… screw it, I might just do it.

(nevermind: credit card only. that´s a no-no for me… boo :frowning: )


You can pay with a standard bank account card too…


Brilliant! Nice to have something positive to look forward to.

Well done peeps X


It looks nice and cheap.
If they collaborated with twisted electrons it’d be even better , their new synths (both pcb and new cases for acid8 mk3) look very nice , though slightly pricey .