Stand-alone nanoloop hardware!

I could not be more excited to see a stand-alone hardware version of nanoloop actually being made! Oliver has been teasing me with pictures on his twitter feed, but it’s finally up on kickstarter! He’s been producing hardware for many years, so this I’m fully confident that this won’t run into trouble and will actually be produced and shipped. Go pledge people, the price is extremely reasonable!

BTW, I have no affiliation with Oliver aside from being a huge nanoloop fan.


sold :stuck_out_tongue:


Great find, I’m in!
I think it’s cheap as chip(tune)s :wink::joy:


yep cheap as chipperónes.
looks mint :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3::snowboarder:


@Ess :sunglasses:

I guess you know about this already.

I wonder how grainy and grungy it can get. I have version 1 on my grey game boy and I love the harshness.
Does Nanoloop 2 engine still have that 4-bit waveform designer, too?

Gassing hard for this right now! It’s like a pocket operator on steroids. Reading the specs, it looks as if it has the analog square wave for bass, with a 4 voice FM synth, FM mono, and noise / clicks. Does this mean this is 7 voice? $109 is cheap considering it has midi in / out , sequencer, poly rhythm, SD card slot, randomize, and looks sweet even as a prototype.


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only 20 days left & 6 grand to go for the kickstsrter.

@Hawk might be an idea to put something about that in the title. could get a few more potential backers on board :slight_smile:

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Only need 55 more units sold and should hit the goal, give or take. The amount pledged keeps jumping up, just since this topic was posted.


Thank you for the hint!

Had a nice mail conversation some time ago with Oliver about nanoloop. I considered to buy a GameBoy and the cartridge but was unsure which GameBoy to get and about MIDI sync. He was very helpful and explained the differences of the GameBoy types to me. It’s awesome to see the nanoloop device come to life…hopefully it will get enough backers and i’ll get one in august. Sweet. :cool:


No brainer, backed!

Nanoloop mono and nl2 combined, no hard to see for my failing eyes gameboy screen, yes!


Ooo… I think I will have to actually do this. I kind of wish he would have made the layout a bit less gameboy like though, as I use my gb nano loops more often flat in a table more often than not. Price is super good though, honestly seems cooler than an opz in many ways to me.

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Never backed anything through Kickstarter, is it a safe and secure transaction? Also, if it doesn’t reach the pledge goal, does your money get refunded? Thanks fellow Nauts.

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I think I might sell some thing/stuff/bits/bobs and try to back it even further, this looks like a future classic, I really hope it comes to fruition.

Again much gratitude to @Hawk for highlighting this, so exciting!
I’m still high from Ronnie’s 1000th Century break, this may top it :hugs::hugs::hugs:

This looks awesome

yea its safe. the money only gets taken if it reaches the goal. otherwise nothing happens.


And I was just giving my wife static about buying a rug…hipocrit much?


The money does not get taken from your payment method until or unless the project is successfully backed.
Buy today, pay April 1st (if enough backers are on board).

Go on!

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Get the rug, play the long game :rofl:


Besides just being cool, does this have an advantage over the ios or Gameboy version?