Stand-alone nanoloop hardware!


It doesn’t need to be a credit card. It can be a Visa/Mastercard Debit card, which are super common these days, in fact, my bank issues them by default. They’re tied to your bank account and can be used like a credit card, but don’t put you in debt.

You could also get a prepaid Visa gift card that acts just like a credit card, but has a set amount, and isn’t tied to any accounts.


Instantly backed! Finally a nanoloop device I can easily sync with my other gear!


What’s wrong with credit cards anyway? Using one builds your credit rating, good idea if you ever want to get a loan of any sort.


a) it´s a tracking tool. I don´t need more of those
b) my credit score is at 100% without ever owning a CC, so that´s no reason
c) they are not even great deals in terms of credit! I have other ways of buying stuff w/o having the money right away that will cost me less in fees

CCs are a relic of the 90s, nobody should be using them - at least not if you´re complaining about “powerful banks” at the same time :wink:

(here in Germany at least, less than 20% of all customers own / use a credit card anyways. Most people only have one to use when on vacation in other countries)

sorry for the offtopic haha! :wink:


It’s 2019, you’re getting tracked one way or another unless you live in a tent

That’s not how credit scores work

There are no fees as long as you pay the bill on time

Maybe things are different in germany? Here in the UK at least you’ll have a hard time getting a mortgage, for example, if you’ve never used a credit card.


Do Visa Debit cards not exist in EU? They’re not credit cards.

Do you pay for everything in cash?


I wish it sounded a bit grittier. There seems to be MIDI sync which is a plus, but the sound doesn’t work for me.

I much prefer sounds like that:, but I can’t seem to find a polyphonic/polytimbral 4-bits hardware synth with MIDI capabilities.


Certainly exist in the UK … I use mine all the time. I’ve never got any cash :smile:


You can of course have a debit card in germany, but some people simply don’t want one. I guess most of the germans use giro cards, which are a sort of debit card, but they are not accepted everywhere outside germany/EU. :okej:

@xenosapien: I don’t really understand why kickstarter doesn’t support SEPA, Stripe, which kickstarter uses as money transmitter, does. I could pledge for you, but i’m not sure how this could work.


Also, keep in mind this device is affordable! Extremely good bang for buck.


I’m sure lots of people will have fun with it but it’s definitely not the type of “chiptune” sound I like. As someone said it goes beyond that so, for some that might be a plus.
The GameBoy cartridge is still available for grittier tones, on nanoloop’s website.
And an used TI-82 costs around 20€.
Lots of options :sunny:

I still wish there was an hardware synth like that with multiple voices on multiple midi channels that I could drive with my Digitakt!


MGB on a Gameboy?



The sounds in the Kickstarter video remind me of pure data and algorave type synthesis. I love that stuff

Edited for disgusting/passionate language :poop::joy:




Get LSDJ on a old DMG gameboy. You’ll have all the grittiness you could ever dream of.

And if you’re a bit tech savvy you can make an arduinoboy that can midi sync the gb to any midi din cable.

Otherwise you can just buy an arduinoboy the price of an arduinoboy + a used old gb + a flash cart won’t be much higher than this device.

Personally I love how smooth nanoloop sounds compared to LSDJ. but both are flavours that I enjoy.

For the digitakt control like @the_duckchild said, mgb is exactly that.


Haha… Try and find me! :rofl:


Haha… Try and find me! :rofl:

You’re a Jungle producer, no? :grin:


NICCCE!!! I like more dirt, too.


Of course, DnB all the way! :grin:


yes that IS how credit scores work - here in Germany, at least.

I have a regular income, never had any unpaid bills or any bank credit I did not pay back in 25+ years = 100% credit score.

If your bank needs you to have a CC for that, you´re getting scammed. and as I said, CC numbers are rapidly declining here in Germany - less than 20% of our client base at work use one.

not sure why you´re trying to refute what I´m saying when you clearly don´t know the situation here?