SRC - Sample Transfer for iOS


here you go:
[edit: link removed - new version below]

launch, check the “Enable TCP” option.
then in the SRC app, in options, toggle the wireless toggle off, then on.
should connect if your iOS device & Mac are in the same wifi :slight_smile:

stay tuned for a better version of that app :slight_smile:


Oh man. This is SO great!
Works perfectly.


here’s the updated Remote app. Looks a bit nicer.

it lives in the status bar like other „agent“-type apps. I recommend you put it in your login items thing:

the icon shows you the connection state of your Digitakt & the app! :metal:




what’s that thing on your phone?


I think it’s where the coffee comes out! :coffee:


Now that would be something.

if cup == 1
call print_coffee





Thank you for including the computer co-app for free! :slight_smile:

My digitakt cables (usb and power) have been equipped into my computer desk- so attaching something else into the USB port would have been a real chore!

pt 2-

Whoa! I finally got the chance to try this little app out! Excellent job, @Void! You’re knack for enabling cool things with gear is rivaled only by your ability to create an easy interface!

Another slam dunk! Thank you for working on this and making it available for us 'nauts! :slight_smile:




OLED friends✌️


Wow, those pesos must be rolling in from your apps :D. Seriously, well deserved.


oh I wish :smiley:
… but if I do something nice for/with it, should at least be able to earn the money back…


amazing stuff as always, void!

just a question: are you guys sampling your own ios devices? if so, how? i’m using an ipad and, until the dt doesn’t have the audio interface enabled, i guess this is the solution


Recently purchased :3lektron: dt and subsequently the SRC app. Pleased so far, especially the wireless transfer using the macbook pro… thanks @void !

However, different story with the iPhone 5s using a Lightning to USB adaptor. SRC sees the connection as USB-MIDI; when attempting to transfer audio file (<50kb), SRC refuses to play ball.


hey, thanks!

what’s happening during the wired transfer? Does it error out? Does the main title display „Digitakt 1.04“, or something else? It indicates whether the DT responds to queries from the app.


what’s happening during the wired transfer? Does it error out?

Not as far as I can tell… only reads “1 item - connecting…”

Does the main title display „Digitakt 1.04“, or something else?

Something else: SRC


ah I see, cheers. The „SRC“ in the title means there is no response to certain status queries from the DT. Which is the reason the transfer status bar shows „connecting…“ - it’s waiting for a connection to be established.

so, is it possible that the midi connection between iPhone/DT does not work? Do other apps see the DT? I’m not sure the 5c can use the camera connection kit - on the other hand, iOS should display an error message if that is the case…

edit - aye, 5S! that should definitely support the CCK. Have you tried rebooting your phone?


It appears to be a problem with the USB cable… :blush:

PS presumably i need something like this - see LINK