SRC - Sample Transfer for iOS


who want it?

you want it! :boom::100:

get it here:

50% discount on Strom, SDS Drop - edit: gone

Beautiful, @void. Just beautiful :slight_smile:


Will it be able to sample mangle? Because Strom is my favorite iOS sample mangler for turning sounds into a RyanPierson sonic nonsense.


is that wireless too ?


wireless - of course! enough wires in everyone's life :slight_smile:

sample mangling - possibly! can't say right now...


looks really interesting , especially if it does a few things people are asking for.

e.g. download stereo sample instead of automatically mono-izing it.
and backing up samples.


My heart is suspended in midair.

It's not as bad as it sounds :smiley:


My iPhone SE is my field recorder.

Want Want Want!!!!


Hi, I'm new on the the forum and planning to buy the Digitakt.
i think the app is very interesting and was something I wanted for the Digitakt, but my question as a newbee, how does wireless transfer work? Digitakt has no WiFi or does it?



it does not - it's connected to my Mac, which hosts a custom wireless midi demon app that serves a reliable and fast TCP connection to the iOS app. The iOS app auto-connects to that, so it just works if you're on the same WIFI :slight_smile:

My iPad / Rytm app Strom uses the same tech. The big advantage is, you can use Overbridge and the iOS app at the same time, and of course, no fiddly cable at your iPhone/iPad.


would you be able to use it without a computer in the middle - and a cable instead of wifi? so... usb connection between DT an iPad?


sure! If you have battery for your Digitakt, you'll be able to install samples on the go. All you need is your iPhone/iPad, a USB cable and the Lightning/USB adapter :evergreen_tree:🦉:herb::blossom::iphone::headphones::control_knobs::fire:


Dope!! I do not own an iMac , with a cable would-be perfect.


Phew! I hate needing the dreaded PC in the middle of anything!
I just don't trust the custard.

Can't wait for this, go @void!


epic as ever!


Just wanna add my +1 for this!


This looks AWESOME @void!! Estimated release? Also, have you considered releasing the source for this project?


it's functional, but needs a nice UI, designing that now. Not sure how long this takes... No source :slight_smile:




What a coinkeydink! Soon is where I'm at on getting a DT :slight_smile:

How crazy would it be if it arrived at my doorstep the day this is released?!