SRC - Sample Transfer for iOS


You mean iPad <> Digitakt? Wow :astonished: I have iPad with lots of samples not on PC :wink:


ŚAwesome, will try it out later tonight. Thanks! Oh but, don’t forget to make that lil app for Windows as well? I need to experienze ze magic of wifi

Liljedahl/Kymatica mentioned something about iOS11 messing up his sharing stuff, but that was a while ago now and I’m pretty sure he said he was fixing it. Apps like AUM have direct/shared access to the same storage that Audioshare use, at least on iOS10.3.3. Other apps (like Gadget etc) opens up Audioshare and lets you import. Regardless tho I think that SRC should support importing zip files the good ol fashioned Apple way, ie you download a zip file with an iOS web browser, or fetch zip files from your NAS/network using using any of the countless of file handling apps on iOS, then use “Open in…” --> choose SRC. It might already support this, if it does, just forget all the words I just wrote:-)

EDIT: Open in/Copy to does work for zip files. I’m not near any Digitakt at the moment, so SRC shows that waiting/cancel bar. Wav files can be moved to SRC the same way, although I’m not seeing any waiting/cancel bar in the app on those. AudioCopy/General Pasteboard might be a useful addition for getting audio into SRC. What a nice and clean UI by the way. :slight_smile:


Where does it copy the sample to? Do you have any options for organizing what you load to the Digitakt?


You can set the DT destination dir on the app‘s main screen.


So it loads to the active directory on the Digitakt? That would work for me, tempting…


It loads to the destination you set in the app.


I see, are you able to create new folders from the app?


yeah you/can/use/forward/slashes to create a deeper hierarchy


Okay okay, I’ll give you $10 then :sunglasses:


AudioShare copy to SRC is awsome btw :slight_smile: Great use of $10! Thanks!


thank you :metal:


I bought it as well…just looked at it, went in Audioshare and I wonder…is there a sample preview?
They want to get loaded, but I couldn’t listen.


no there isn’t - just use whatever the source of the sample is to preview a sound, in your case AudioShare, before sending it to SRC.

I wanted the transfers/UI be as frictionless as possible, so it will just dump anything you throw at it into your DT immediately :slight_smile:


Anyone dropped any non audio files into the DT yet? I’m interested in this!


Thanks, no problem, I create folders with samples to transfer anyway, just a question if I overlooked it.

Really glad that you made an app like this :+1:


cant seem to get it to connect


does it say USB-MIDI at the top? In Options, have you disabled wireless? :thinking:


For the first time, plug and unplug. I tried with both CCK cables and it works like a charm.

You’re my hero @void…thanks for this very useful app.


Can you please let us know where we can access the Demon app?


hm I could give you a scrappy version of it now…
been working on the UI for that today but then Xcode acted up so it’s not ready… uploading the earlier version…