SRC - Sample Transfer for iOS


yep! This is the one - there’s also a larger & more expensive one which lets you charge your iPhone / iPad while using midi / audio:


This was working for me the other day but now I keep getting the connecting… message. Using an iPad Pro with camera connection kit. Trying to load samples from drop box. I have wireless turned off. Not sure what happened.

Edit: now it’s working. Not sure what happened.


Can you upload multiple samples at once?


yes, use drag & drop on your iPad if it’s on iOS 11. You can easily drag multiple files or folders from the Files app to SRC. :muscle:


Ahhhhh. Awesome app!


feel free to rate on the App Store :+1:




Just did :wink:


Reviewed :ok_hand:t3:


Are you using that for field recordings?


Is there a limit to how many samples you can import at once? I just tried loading a folder with 30 and its been “connecting” for like 10 minutes. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: I bumped the adapter out slightly. User error. Works great.


Hi there! Anyone having problems with SRC app? I was using it a lot but suddenly it wont connect anymore.


Newbie question… Can I definitely transfer sounds between my iPad-USB and cck, directly into my Digitakt? Without involving my Mac? Can I manage folders inside my Digi? Thanks.


Did you get an answer to this?


I’ve not had an answer yet(?) I’d still like to hear back from the dev… 7-)


@void I just want to throw out a request for this app that I think would be cool.

The ability to assign various patterns in the current bank to the “clipboard” or what have you. A cool transition element is to fluxuate between three different “riffs” on a single pattern.

Say you have A1 pattern saved on A1, you ctrl-ALL on it and it becomes A1i, in your clipboard you have pattern A2. What you want to do is to use the transformation of A1 to A1i to lead into pattern A2, and then seamlessly return to A1. What you can do on a single pattern is paste A2 onto A1i and then, when ready, Func-No to return to A1 in its saved protocol.

I don’t know if:
A.This is possible
B.Anyone else would want to do this
C.If this even fits within your vision of the app.

I completely understand the reasoning for all three- but, on the off chance it sounds cool and possible, I would really dig it.

Thanks for all the work you put into your apps- I think they’re just brilliant :slight_smile:


Edit misread how it works first…


I thought about buying this app today but I’m not really sure what benefit it gives over uploading your audio to DropBox from AudioShare so you can transfer them from your Mac over USB. Or have I missed something?


Misread how it works … u right


@void Brilliant. Thanks so much for your work. Will leave a review soon.