SRC - Sample Transfer for iOS


hey. any updates on this?


also, if you have implementation details, I can look at Android…


what’s the holdup for releasing this?? SHIP SHIP SHIP!!!


Sorry, there’s probably a cosmic delay till I get a Digitakt before this will drop. You can speed up the process by helping me get a Digitakt, or by purchasing my MachineDrum(fundage from the sale will go towards purchasing the DT and thus expediting the release of another Void masterpiece :smiley: )


@void I just placed my order for a Digitakt- you can work on releasing this now ;D


Wich MD?


Make a crowdfunding here all we support it


It was the MDUW+ mkII- but it’s gone now. I will always cherish the time we had together. <3

That being said- I just placed my order for the DT this morning! So, any day now! :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to Void’s app! <3 #FanBoi


ONTOPIC- Very cool Void, very very cool. I loved Strom and now that I have a Digitakt I want to love DigiStrom even more.

I especially love the idea to add offline (or within the app) sample editing. A way of timestretching is pretty much the best thing that could be added to the DT, so I sure hope you can accomplish it.

@Ryan I hope you enjoy your DT as much as I enjoy mine, and maybe someday you’ll even get to backup your data, haha! Do you have an RK002 for it as well?


Long time coming. Congrats!


dude, finally :laughing:


I don’t know what this thing is, but I desperately want to. What is it, and what can it do?



Would it be so hard to search?


Thanks, Peter. I did a google search- but I didn’t know if what I found is what he meant. Didn’t think to do a Elektronauts search though…

Thanks again


That looks awesome! DEFINITEY something I’ll have to acquire at some point


If the app gets AudioShare support you could use other apps for timestretching.

It’s not ideal, but I currently use the DjayPro app to bpm check/timestrech my samples before putting them on the Digitakt (mainly if I’m sampling from a song or acappella). Anyone know of a better app for timestretching?


Shoooooooots bro if this could ever happen for OT id be beside myself. Im a pretty much computer free guy and do a grip of my sampling via line in from Beatmaker3 on iPad. Would pay :moneybag: for this app if it worked with Ot!


Please don’t neglect open in AudioShare. AudioShare is the gateway to so many sampling apps on iOS


Digitakt + Samplr… :drooling_face:


Check out the Kingston MobileLite (I wanna say 3)

You’re welcome :slight_smile: