SRC - Sample Transfer for iOS


Yup loving my mobilelite!


Oh! So you’re just looking for a sample edit/transfer combo, then?


Ru saying its possible to use the mobilelite to get samples onto my OT from my ipad?


That would make sense though. The OT does just show up as a flash drive huh


Yes! Put the OT in usb transfer mode-and then log onto the MobileLite and then you can transfer samples to the OT through the MobileLite app


Right on, i tried this last night and it didnt seem to work but I will give it another go tonight


gaia please come back with an update and thanks everyone else for details. gaia i’m really interested finding out if you would succeed or not. i’m going to try it myself later too as right now i’ve got to go take some clomid from my doc. but i will try later and i’m really interested to find out if you succeeded or not and if you had some probs.


hello : D
I was very busy with a job. but I’m back!



sorry if this seems like i’m rushing, but is there an ETA for the release? just the fact that an app like this is in development is making me super happy. i have an iRig that lets me play and save basslines directly to my iphone. an app for easily uploading those basslines to my digitakt will make making fully fledged songs with the digitakt really easy!

thanks in advance void.


my personal deadline for submitting it to Apple is Sunday evening. Adding some iOS 11 things right now (drag/drop) and then off it goes - so should be available early next week! :slight_smile:


great! looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Arise Sir Void!
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Please have it support iPhone 5 (32bit)! Pretty please with a keg of beer on top?



right now it supports down to iPhone 4S / iPad 2 / iOS 9 :slight_smile:

(tho I believe the first iPhone which supports the camera connection kit / midi cable is the 5 or 5S, not sure right now… thus, with the really old iPhones only the WiFi connection will work)

personally waiting for my iPhone X to arrive, should be next week (hopefully)


Is there any possibility of iOS sample transfer to octatrack happening?


That’s great, I see so many music apps nowadays that doesn’t support the iPhone 5 (and below). I’ll upgrade mine to a 6 or 5SE when I get the time (I want that 3,5mm jack a while longer). I’m only doing that because I dropped it a month ago, there’s a large crack going diagonally across the whole screen, large bit of plastic/glass over the camera next to the ear speaker is gone. Siri is slightly dumber as well. I would’ve squeezed 1 more year out of it, had that not happened lol. A 10,5" iPad is inbound though, my Air 1 needs to stay on iOS 10.3.3 due to the massive backlog of 32bit apps I have collected.


@ChrisG tbh tho at some point it will be tricky to compile apps for 32bit devices using the up-to-date tools, at which point it’s gonna be a PITA doing updates which support these devices. So if you go & buy a 32bit iPhone right now it’s basically an end-of-life thing… i.e. I can’t promise to keep supporting 32bit devices forever. Possibly have to drop support by next autumn already…

yea it’s sad that 32bit devices are dropped, on the other hand it keeps iOS lean & mean… and from the devs of these apps, all that’s required is a recompile using a modern SDK. Anything which has been updated within the last 3 years or so should have a 64bit slice and still runs on iOS 11…

@jb I don’t think it’s possible to do this in a good way…

general update: drag & drop is in, it works with individual files, folders, can unzip zip files, and all combinations of the above :slight_smile:
just a few more graphics tweaks…


@void I totally get that (the next phone is a 5SE or 6 so definitely 64bit). Gotta say though, I’m no dev, but from a users perspective, even from a gadget nerd like me, Apple have a tendency to push their agenda/will onto both devs and users at a rapid pace. That, or it’s just me getting too old to keep pace (I’m well into my thirties, but yesterday I was 25, I swear!). Anyway, you having support for older devices with the initial release(es) means that more people can still use those old phones with the Digitakt even though the app will require a newer device at some point. :+1:

Speaking of old phones, I’m using an iPhone 3GS as a remote control for various stuff, as a radio/music player in the kitchen where I have this 30pin dock with speakers thing. The phone is powerful enough to run synths like Sunrizer and NLog etc (I have a 30pin CCK used for MIDI, but that was likely used back on the iPad 2). The iPhone 5 will be dedicated to just audio stuff, like the digitakt (storing samples etc as it’s 64gb, possibly even do Bluetooth midi stuff at some point), but most importantly, I got a fully loaded Alchemy Mobile synth on it (will definitely provide mucho sampled material for the digitakt). When that phone dies, so does Alchemy Mobile as it doesn’t really exist anymore.:frowning:


Void :slight_smile:

When will it be in stores? Happy owner of Collider and Strom