Softube console 1

I am pretty sure I saw some folk on here that are rocking one in the studio picture thread.
Now that it is attractively priced and updated I would love to hear some feedback on how well it works for a mostly otb setup, with a DAW used almost only for tracking and mixing

I think they did the solid state series for Native Instruments and they did a good job with that along with the RC48/24 reverbs which I use a lot. My main real recording desk is the SSL Xdesk and I use it everyday to record my gear before going into my sound card. I will say I’m impressed with their SSL AWS / XL 9000 emulation. How many channels do you plan to record at once?

I personally just use no more than 2 at a time when it’s one elektron box or sampler.

Up to 4 stereo or 8 mono at once, why?
Or a combination of either

Console 1 SSL Strips are the best for me. i can’t live without them anymore.


Trying to coerce you into buying an SSL Alpha channel if you only recorded with 1 channel. If you’re recording 8 then go the softube route. Stick to the 4000 E default console it comes with and build an ear for the 4000 E sound. Drive that input when necessary. A lot of 80’s rock records pushed the 4000 E. Man I want one now but I will have self control. Give us a review if you get one.

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It will be a few months before I get one!

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I don’t get it. It’s a (good) controller for VSTs that come included?

You get their comntroller / audio interface / VST in the 499 package.

OK see I couldn’t see the audio interface bit. I only see a USB. In that case, I’ll look into it more deeply.

No audio interface, it is a dedicated controller for the channel strip that are modelled after an ssl desk.
And I guess it also works with other plugins

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So are you able to do rough mixes while playing with your hardware and then when it’s time to track and mix you have it setup in your daw?
What daw do you use? And do they work well together?

Ah i thought it was an audio in. What sound interface are you using right now? I noticed that if I go from Focusrite clarett to xdesk and back it’s the most neutral sounding. When i use my Apollo twin solo to xdesk and back everything will sound much more darker and low end heavy.

Motu 828
Quite happy with it, the thing for me now is I barely use push anymore except for mixing as almost all my stuff is made otb and I only use my laptop to make sounds to sample in hardware.
So I am looking at replacing push with a mixing solution better suited to where I at now. I am also looking at things with faders like the new presonus fader 8.
Mostly just rethinking my workflow.

Ah. I’m mostly on push 2. I will normally record my hardware samplers into soundforge and play the loop with push 2.

When I was mostly hardware centered I was using your method and it worked. More power to you! If you’re using the console 1 and your daw for sound design you should have a lot of good bread and butter sounds to practice with on your hardware samplers and drum machines.

i use Ableton and from default every midi or audio or send track include a C1 plugin from the beginning.
latency is not a problem and it is not hungry on my macbook pro. the workflow is amazing. the drive in the end of the chain is doing 70% of the sound. you have the feel that your track is build and mixed as one. it glues together with the sound of SSL which i like for my Techno and House productions.


Had never come across the SC1 before. Spotted something on and then this chat and it’s piqued my interest but not sure why haha! I am dreadful for poorly mixing stuff (everything ITB/OTB ends up a little “muddy”) and dont have the space for something large. Might have to do some digging into this further. A shame an interface isn’t built in but probably sensible from Softubes POV.

Finally got mine yesterday.

I’ve never used or heard a 4000e in real life, but the main thing about just having the console 1 and the 4000e emulation is you are limited to those parameters and the sound engine. I’m going to master the 4000e first before I get the 9000k. The transient shaper gives you that extra punch. You can also overdrive the channel too.

I demoed the 9000k and it sounds pretty close to the xlogic sound of my xdesk. I overdrive stuff in my xdesk and noticed the sound is very similar.

Anyways. Happy mixing.

Wow, I forgot about this thread!
I’ve had mine for a little over a month, maybe 2, and really like it!
I haven’t mixed anything with tho, lol!
So why do I like it? I’ve been using it with my UA interface for amp sims, effects etc, and it is amazing for using in Apollo mode.
Looking forward to using it with studio one, it controls the sends (up to 3) and the channel pans and volumes.
I do miss having a hardware track arm and play control.
I will definitely get a presonus faderport down the road, seems like a great mixing / tracking combo for relatively not too expensive.
Hope you guys are also enjoying your console one.

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So it’s 2019 and i guess there are some people using it with ableton.

How is the workflow with Ableton?
I heard about console UI freezing when renaming tracks in ableton.
Also is it possible to switch channels on console 1 controller ?


Also interested re Ableton use. Wish ableton would implement an improved mixer view, a la session, arrangement , mixer