So, what do you do?



Hairdresser for 20 years in Houston,Tx

i started to dj ebm stuff as a teen. Eventually I purchased a software program called Acid made by a company called sonic foundry which eventually got purchased by Sony. Then the curiosity for synths and drum machines got bigger and 1999 brought in the korg electribe ea-1 and er-1 . I went on to get the Juno 106 and was blown away by the sound. I started to remember all the 80’s sci-fi movies I grew up with. Went into ableton and started recording and got kinda popular on MySpace. Got divorced and sold everything I had. After a 5 year hiatus I continually read future music and missed making tunes so bad. I purchased a new electribe 2 and was thoroughly pissed at the os and said I’m through with this basic bitch bullshit. Then the Octatrack showed up at my doorstep on February 13th. And now it’s a matter of trying to find my sound again lol


Full time dad to a 2 year old that loves causing some trouble, Post Production Engineer at WWE, music is my passion/hobby.


Fulltime metalworker, cutting all kinds of sheet metal with a Trumpf laser machine.
From 1 mm to 20mm stainless, steel and alloy.


Owner at Buso Audio and producer lurking in the shadows. Currently doing a degree in information systems and management at LSE.


A lot of amazing stories here. Full-time drug and alcohol/mental health counselor, part-time semi-pro musician.


Teacher in history and geography.


I studied film sound design in the Finnish film school, but I work as a sound mixer or boom op on shoots. Currently I’m the boom guy on a police drama, day ~20 of 90 going. Nice work, decent pay, but the hours are not nice.


Art student and academie student doing this for as long as I remember, love doing it and it became a way of life, giving a really unsure person a self image and taught me that I could be good at something if i practiced and really wanted to.


Part time bassist/singer in a dreampop band
Part time barista
Part time Spanish-English translator
Lots of free time for bleeps and bloops, gigs, food.

Life is pretty fun right now!


3 days a week I sell pipes and pipe accesories… For tobacco use only!

I teach bass at a local guitar shop and have a few upright students at home as well. (Uprights are too big to have two of 'em in the lesson rooms at the shop)

And then I am basically a full time bassist after that. Gigging 2-4 times weekly with just about the exact same amount of rehearsals. I studied bass performance in college.

I also hoard all sorts of synthesizers… Wait… ‘Hoard’ sound so bad…

I’ll try that again: I spend all my money purchasing new synthesizers for my synth nursery where I take tender care of my electronic buddies and run sonic experiments into the night.

I’ll submit this link for proof of said giggery:

And lastly, I also hand out unsolicited advice, so here’s a piece of that:

Keep dreaming of whatever you want to do. If I am paying my bills with a bass, I promise YOU can do whatever you want!!


Hahahaha synth nursery!!! That’s clever! I may borrow that as a hashtag when I do my monthly machine cleaning


I used to make a living doing mediocre audio work and music for commercials, theatric plays, stuff like that. Not having a steady income and constant economic worries wore me down in the end, and I quit doing music and got a degree as an electronics engineer instead.

I work as a software developer. I thought my love for making music was dead for good. But some years ago, my wife started making electronic music, so eventually I joined her on what I had left of my old gear. That quickly escalated. Now we spend quite a lot of time on our music, and we always have a great time doing so!


Wow so many different and interesting things :slight_smile:
My income for bleepy machines with flashing lights ( oh and food and roof and such boring things ) is provided by driving trains. Pretty uncool but … flashing lights!!! Beeps!!! I must… have… it…!!!


I’m Matt.

I live in Australia, and mostly make money from being an audio-visual technician, like a few people here.

I also try my best to be an artist in my spare time, and I’m currently doing a research Masters degree in digital arts, and I should really be working on my thesis right now. I’m so close to finishing it hurts.

It’s all about satellites, the international space station, orbital perspective and software-based Live AV. I’m making a project that goes along with it and you can see a few test shots I shot in a gallery here:

Live AV is really where I hope to have any form of mild success with my stuff, and the Elektron gear is very much bound up in what I’m composing for this piece at the mo. Hopefully next year once the thesis is done I can really get stuck back into the project and tie it off and hopefully pitch it to some festivals and stuff.

Otherwise I just generally like hanging with my mates and having a few beers, going to media arts exhibitions, gigs, and camping festivals and stuff like that. Can’t complain!


Why uncool?

Seems like work where you can see beautiful landscapes and hear wonderull machine noises… and do something that really helps people.


I am a university teacher in psychology, but to be honest, i am looking for some new direction. After 7 years of teaching, it is time to go into the wild again… maybe as an entrepreneur (behavioral change and healthy food), maybe as a technical manual writer, or maybe some interesting research.

I also feel the need to sell everything and live with almost nothing for free for a while.


I’m from germany/bavaria, working at a university in a department for plant sciences. Greets to you all, the thread is very interesting.


Manager in a very large software company. Between that and my family, music sometimes is the only thing that keeps me sane.


You would be my daughter’s hero so not so shabby!