So, what do you do?


Haha!! Well it seems in the UK that train drivers not a cool job in peoples eyes!! Except for kids - they love it :))
I drive a metro train so theres not many beautiful landscapes, but i do have a lot of open section at either end and yeah it can be quite beautiful at twilight and such. I either start at 04:45 in the morning or finish at 01:30 so it can be amzing at those extremes of the day. Plus it is sample rich up in my cab :slight_smile:


What an interesting thread!

Engineering geologist here. Run around the Scottish countryside fixing landslides and investigating the soil and rock on which we build our roads and bridges. It has its moments.


I’m a stay at home dad!


IT Specialist in the NHS


I work as a contracting graphic designer, used to do a lot of print and now 99% digital. Currently at a startup helping to design an app/service that provides digital ID. Used to teach graphic design & typography part time for a while.

I also do the occasional contract making sound effects and music for an indie game studio run by a friend of mine, currently doing the music for a Playstation VR game.


Best gig in the world: I write about making music, primarily for Computer Music and - occasionally Future Music - and do a bit of sound design for various software developers. Been doing it for fifteen years. Along the way I’ve done a bit of illustration and even some animation here and there.


Me too.


The best thing about my gig is that my son never spent a single day in day care or with a sitter. He’s now 20 years old, and I credit my gig as a writer with the fact that he and I are best friends.


Architect by day - Synth geek by night

live in Adelaide, Australia, have 2 little kids to boss me around also


…and in Melbourne, too. Being in the same line of work (though at the unglamorous-but-necessary data integration end, myself) we are bound to have bumped into each other or at least have very few degrees of separation. PM me yr LinkedIn if you use it and don’t mind - always fun to meet more of our little data wrangling community.


For all its idiosyncrasies, the NHS is one of the greatest modern welfare institutions in the world. I have impoverished UK friends who would have died (robbing their communties of an active contributor) if it hadn’t been for affordable access to its oncology specialists. Your role might be a cog in a big machine but all power to you!


Lucky you :slight_smile:


Qualified Geologist, currently a business analyst and project manager for a large pharma based in Switzerland. From Melbourne Australia.


editor for a large it magazine in germany. i test lots of music gear, but also deal with vr and games. a very time consuming job and i wish i had more time for making music.


Thanks for getting Elektron into said magazine. Even though it meant my wife realized how expensive these harmless looking black boxes are :smile:


I don’t post much here.

I work in an optics group in Silicon Valley at one of the “big four” tech companies. I specialize in design and optimization using computation and applied mathematics. I like my job and my work environment. Before that I was in R&D at 3M in Minnesota doing similar work for almost 24 years.

There is an audio team on my floor working on consumer electronics - some of the same products as I work on - both hardware and DSP algorithms. I have interest in the algorithms side as part of my music and sound-related hobbies. There are people who design hardware synths for fun there, too. I would say that for the moment I am letting music and sound be a hobby, but if an opportunity should arise in algorithms and computation I would look into it seriously.


:smile:did you tell her about your software plugins?


I work a lot with Microsoft visio and Prezi.
But: to maken ‘professional infographics (for external use)’ … should i learn to work in Adobe illustrator?
So many possibilities… i also tried indesign for interactive pdf…
but.i dont know where to start


Not really much of a plugin guy, never was. Clean conscience in that department, fortunately.


Illustrator is the industry standard for print graphics. Don’t let it overwhelm you though! These programs are deep but learn the basics first. If you have a “legit” version of Illustrator you have access to all their tutorials online at If you don’t…there’s a lot of stuff on youtube and a google search does wonders. :wink: Good luck on your print adventures!