So, what do you do?


Project Manager and Clarvoyant


I am a mathematician in Irvine, CA. I do research in math and teach math at a college.
It’s so interesting to see that this is such a diverse group of people brought together by these machines.


Same here, with some event management work thrown in.


I’m a carpet and tv.


Wow … quite interesting reading all this

i have a master-degree in psychology and at the moment i am being educated as a clinical psychologist by a postgraduate course. To finance all this i´m working as a call-center agent giving me a maximum in flexibility.

Before all this i was selling CAD/CAM soft- and hardware solutions for special purpose machinery manufacture, machine construction & plant engineering … btw a very cool job


I manage technical operations for a website. Always been a sysadmin and coder for my day job.

Do music max an hour a day for pleasure now. Made a bunch of music over the last 10 years tho:


I’m not working with sound or music professionally and it’s killing me. How do you make the leap? Where to start?


I was feeling that for a couple of years until I finally made the leap to go freelance one year ago.

Initially I thought I could find a job in a studio, but that proved very difficult. And anyway, I’m more interested in writing and producing music. A friend who is a professional composer told me to just take some existing commercials and re-score them, then use that as the start of a portfolio. So that’s what I did.

Now I do:
[li]composition – for commercials, film, etc.[/li]
[li]sound design – for games, apps, film[/li]
[li]production – making beats or instrumentals for singers/rappers[/li]
[li]mixing – for whatever, either music or film projects[/li]
[li]recording – both in my home studio and on set for film[/li]
[li]post-production – mostly fixing up noisy film audio, editing things[/li]

I find jobs on Craigslist or sites like Elance, if not through friends. It’s really nice not to be tied to an office or schedule! On the other hand, it’s difficult to make a living without putting a LOT of time into finding work and applying for jobs. And make sure you have savings before you start, as it takes a while to build things up…

In my experience, you have to be pretty broadly capable with any kind of audio task in order to string together enough gigs to make it work.


I´m working at a hospital lab, am in charge of some big machines, spend most of the time answering two phones at once and helping my less experienced coworkers. It can be a bit distracting at times when the most sexy girl you know is flirting with you throughout the day, smiling at you with her deep, dark eyes, but I try to stay professional. She will have to be wait till Saturday night.


I’m currently a software engineer in the medical industry.

I’ve worked in the Games industry - I wrote tools for sound engineers to get audio into games and I worked on the technology used in games for audio. My name appears on GRiD, DiRT and F1 2011.

Before joining a games company, I worked on sound card drivers for Windows. That’s what started my interest in audio and music.


I am a freelance video tech, specializing in site-specific video installation, i.e. video mapping.

I was a live audio engineer for about 8 years, then i went to film school, racked up some student loan debt, etc. Now I stay pretty busy traveling around quite a bit doing installations and live graphics work for live events.

I haven’t had a 9-5 job in 10 years, and I am very happy (still surprised) to be able to support myself comfortably while maintaining a flexible schedule that allows me some free time to work on music.


Engineer for building automation systems at times when C64 was state of the art in home-computing, doctor in my own surgery after countless nightshifts in hospital. I’m graduated in psychosomatics. One day I decided that it is better to make music at night… :slight_smile:


Hi all!

Product manager at Arturia during the day.
Techno producer hobbyist at night.

Arturia MicroFreak

Hi all.

Music/sound student by day. Do extra sound for film (unpaid).

Aside from that I fill my time asking questions on elektronauts;)

Techno hobbyist, when I get a chance.


Producing electronic music on and off for about 15 years now. Graduated Hons BSc in Zoology in 2012. Currently studying a Masters degree in Music and Media technology in Trinity College Dublin. Just finished an exam in synthesis this afternoon. It was pretty full on. Two more exams this week and a summer break. Back in September for second year of the course


Crikey, I was considering doing that masters after I graduate in two years.
Tough going I’d say?


:+1: Wow small world. At least in Ireland anyways. Yeah it’s a great course. Very demanding but worth the effort. Over the next year or two it will be condensed to a 1 year programme. They are making plans for that now. So it may be quite different by the time you get there. Best of luck with your studies


:joy: ha :joy:

:dizzy_face: full time bum musician :dizzy_face:


Im studying pure maths for a degree part time, rest of my time is spent caring for my daughter (single dad, my daughter has autism). Music keeps me sane (ish).


respect :+1: