So, what do you do?


Hi Guys I got a chemical etching buisiness in Mexico making nameplates for alot of industries having decent time to make music playing mostly Sax Guitar and Elektrons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and doing hand tools woodwork for hooby :slight_smile:


Chinese sweat shop laborer


Wow! You all do such amazing things! What a great thread.

I spent a number of years as member of the elektro/Indie band Infadels. We had a lot of fun. Played all over the world. Drunk probably too much and didn’t sleep anywhere near enough.

As it all wound down, I studied a Masters Degree in Music Education in London which I just passed on Friday. Hooray!

Now I am a senior lecturer in Commercial Music Performance at the University of Westminster, an academic (currently writing a chapter on songwriting creativity) and a musician. Have done a number of adverts and am now starting a new band hence the multi buy of all 5 Electron machines (apart from Sidstation). Double Hooray!


I work for myself designing bits and bobs of electronics, building instrumentation and consulting. Lately I’ve been labouring on the construction of an outbuilding which will be my workshop/office/studio. Hope that will be finished in the next few weeks.


I’m really digging this thread!

Full-time engineering student here. Initially majored in Electronics & Computer systems as I kinda wanted to keep going with the research started for my first degree’s final thesis , but from an engineering perspective. Or something else as equally as nerdy.

Turns out I’m really not interested in circuit theory - plus my original goals were starting to feel a wee bit pointless. Anyways, I’ve switched to the Environmental major. :slight_smile:

I’m also a part-time commercial cleaner.


I run an accountancy practice in Bristol, UK for my day job, but in my spare time I’m a novelist. In the past couple of years, my iPad has been a gateway drug into the world of electronic music making (I’m a lapsed guitar player), and I am now the proud owner of a Rytm and an Analog Keys! I still noodle about way more than actually creating anything solid, but I do intend to correct that. Eventually.


Thank god! I’m not the only accountant on here it seems! Was getting a little worried there…

I am a chartered accountant having worked in practice for a few years then moving into the big bad world of banking. Currently doing Group Reporting of their net interest margin (zzzzzzzzzzzz…). Nothing at all exciting and there are a number of career routes I wish I’d gone down instead (for some reason I always thought I’d make a great teacher) but too many bills to pay and a family to feed to go thinking about a career change now!

Anyway, I was in a high school band called Apathy (we were pretty shit but had a lot of fun) then fell out on the old “creative differences”, got into computer music and then suddenly stopped making tunes. 6 or 7 years later I spotted Maschine on sale, took a chance and now, 2 years later I am back on the go writing on my own and with my mates (as Trunk Cam) rocking out on Ableton + Live or on my AK/AR/OT set up. Nothing at all serious but would like to eventually get something “official” released other than a few tracks of farting about on my Elektrons up on Soundcloud!


The big bad world of banking…
You mean this?


Or this so called zionist illuminati saying: “we cause depressions”


I work as process engineer for an engineering company in the steel industry. To be more precise I am an expert in design of coal injection systems for blast furnaces. Pneumatic conveying technology and such. Basically its making fire in a barbecue of 40 meter height.

Music creation is part of my life. I started using “Fast tracker” when I was 15. Never stopped making music, but mainly as hobby. Although I would dream of playing for large crowds :wink:

But the gain for me is the feeling of freedom and power of creation. I am also fascinated by the randomness of music making. So much variables.

With my work I am trying to improve and finding state of the art technologies. With my music now I am using A4+AR - which is quite state of the art as I may say, but we all know that the better machines will be build in the future.


I’m not abusing anyone “we cause depressions” is a line from the protocols not some criticism from me to J0n35y & Michael.
I’m just curious if their definition of “big bad world of banking” is based on documentaries like this.


critical infrastructures, network security, etc.
i am a government advisor.

you can guess i need the music, eh? :smiley:


oh and I do server hardening, secure web hosting and sysadmin tasks (linux systems mostly) on the side. Been doing Linux for 20 years this year :slight_smile:


Not at all. While some of the moralities of the banking world are without doubt questionable when I write “big bad world of banking” it’s more from a personal, sheepish admission regarding my place of work to people who, unfortunately more often than not, tend to have misconceptions of 99.9% of the banking community. It’s sort of akin to a teacher getting a hard time because “it must be a piss easy job - look at all the holidays they get”.
It’s inherently difficult for those with non financing backgrounds to understand the banking system. It baffles me half the time. It aint perfect but then neither is taxation, democracy, etc, etc. It works - and I write that while acknowledging the most recent recession.
Anyway, I didn’t take offence to your post and hopefully what has been a great thread doesn’t get dragged down into so pointless and dull argument over the banking system!


Gentleman of leisure.


I work at a PRO (Performing Rights Organization), after spending several years as a touring musician. It’s (mostly) an office job and I love it.


An industrial designer who has been working with user interface design for the last ~12 years. Self employed entrepreneur.

Freetime consists of taking care of 4 and 2 year old kids - trying to find time to practise some music composing (really beginner), skateboard, play games and do some indoor climbing.


Went to college in my late 20’s and majored in subjects that are absolutely useless in today’s job market. The ironic part is that I now work for a student loan servicer, so I basically deal with people who have problems managing repayment of their student loans. What a cosmic joke, given the fact that I have $50k+ in student loan debt. :dizzy_face:

The good thing is that although I only make $15/hr, I have no kids and my cost of living is pretty low since I have a roommate and live in the middle of the United States, so that saves a lot of money. I spend all of my free money on gear.

Free time - working on music, playing video games, graffiti art, drinking Scotch.


Sales Executive in the Energy Business. I would love to do a more Tech orientated role though.

Salesman by day Techno fiend by night!


word…my second year of teaching has been oh so stress free compared to my first year. i’ve realized that the less you take home and the less you worry about things, the better it goes. i’m a big proponent of spontaneity, and feel that’s a larger part of the job since, being in states/texas, you don’t get a lot of free time to plan etc.