So, what do you do?


I make individualized visual supports for ESE children.


software engineer, starting a new position next Monday :cool:


Software engineer here as well, currently working at Ircam


Product Manager at a loudspeaker manufacturer by day. Own and operate a small audio company that provides multiple services: sound system modelling/design, sound system commissioning, PA rental services, FOH/Monitor engineering, stage management, etc. I’m also a party promoter and am starting a record label under the same name.


Sw dev at a swedish ticketing provider, so at least in one hobby (dev) i work in an industry related to my other hobby :joy:


I work training to be a telecoms engineer. I basically work with huge synths, audio equipment and networking gear all day.(but not as fun). However you get to go up a lot of rural pretty places where I live. (Northern Ireland).


Graphic designer, typography, corporate identities. One of my personal highlights is designing several cd covers for Kajimoto music and Sony Music, both in Japan as well as the logo for Christian Hanson from Spitfire Audio’s “Piano Book” series on YouTube. Other than that working for corporate clients.


Any advice on how to get into the industry?


Write about the stuff you know well and for which you might offer a unique and valuable perspective. Get to know the writing style of the magazines you like and then write to the editors of those magazines. I got started by writing a letter that was published in the monthly roundup of readers’ letters. After that, some of my sound design was included on a cover disc via a software developer I had begun working with. Before I knew it, I was supplying articles and sounds/samples for every issue and had to leave my day job at a printshop.


I work as a registered nurse on a medical/surgical unit at a hospital in Portland Oregon.


I give @Elfproblems a place to go to work – I’m a healthcare architect/medical planner. :slight_smile:


Freelance sound designer & composer from France here, I work with major brands for media content, events, art installations etc… pretty much anything that needs sound.
I’ve had ups and downs, currently tryin to release some of the music I had in mind for a while now.
I’d like to make music for movies someday too…


Awesome to hear, same for my son and I too. It’s the best.


Management consultant for pricing and sales.

Electronic music production is ideal for me as I travel some 150 days a year with a big suitcase and own a high-powered laptop that could either provide enough computing power for a manned mars mission or play four voices of UHE Diva in divine mode.


I work as an architect with a firm specializing in university, healthcare, civic builds. Electronic music takes most of my spare time. The two things really compliment one another: Architecture is slow, team-oriented, visual, physically spatial. My musical practice is much more immediate, sonic, and more in my control. Also they can share characteristics like structure and rhythm… but no, I won’t get into the rhetoric of most of my Architecture school projects here…


LOL epic


very cool. i’m taking some classes that i need before applying to a nursing program. :slight_smile:

i currently work as a psychiatric technician on an inpatient child & adolescent unit of a mental hospital. love love love my job, though the pay isn’t great, hence the school bit. i get to make an impact on kids’ lives and also get to leave work with lots of interesting stories! :smiley:


I’m a youth worker, which essentially means spending a lot of time trying to stop schools kicking out autistic teenagers, stopping the same teenagers trying to stab each other then chasing the ones who go missing around rural Leicestershire just in case they feel like telling me who’s been grooming them this week.

I love my job.


I’m a ghost-producer for all the major electronic music stars in the last 20 yrs.


Former IT consultant, now doing architecture visualization (2D/3D) since about two years. Earning much less but it satifies my desire for creative work. And I have more time for my three kids and wife, which is also great.