So, what do you do?


Network and Firewalls guy.


Frontend dev… in theory, the company is so small that I’m more like a fullstack.


graphics for games :slight_smile:


Software sales guy here - the world best project and resource management tool!
Full transparency on your projects and resource allocations.

Did i say i work in sales?



I’m a graphic designer specialising in UI/UX. Having escaped the murky depths of the music industry, I currently work on mobile healthcare apps.


Doing security (firewall, IDS/IPS, IAM, SIEM,…), network (routing/switching, WAN), linux administration (and the other sh*t OS M$)


Im a artist (oil painter).

When its going well its an amazing vocation, though it comes with the caveat that you may never get paid…ever again :sweat_smile:


I’ve been making games for 30 years , started as pixel artist on c64 , into 3D , then into production/management on some big superhero games.
I left 20 months ago , but I’m back looking for a job in games/similar industries.


Organizational developer.

Somehow it’s similar to music… Some companys/people ar like mono-synth (massive and awesome in what they are, but not really flexible) others are like euroracks (full of great ideas but sometime the result are just bleeps and bloops) and my job is to help all these people finding theire scale/tempo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Conductor. Tickets please!







I try to invent new drugs, although at the minute I am taking a break to raise my 1 year old son.


very wise


Best ‘job’ I’ve ever had


I’m a time-served Electrician but these days I run a water treatment works. It’s all just beer and gear tokens…


Have you had a role in the sound design of the games you worked on?


nope , i dealt with art related departments.
i did hang out in the audio studios from time to time… some nice gear.


Slim Jim?